We do a fair bit of testimonial video production here at Definition. And while we’re pretty proud of our own work, we are always looking to improve. So we spend literally* all our down time scouring the web for testimonial videos, glued to our screens watching them, and arranging meetings in which we debate and critique them for hours until we all agree. This process has equipped us beautifully to create this definitive** and comprehensive*** list of the best testimonials that have every been made.

Local Measure x Are Media — Case Study Video

This is a great example of a testimonial case study with a good narrative structure. They set the scene with an intro and some context. Then they establish a pain point, introduce the solution (in this case it’s Local Measure) and finally provide a glowing recommendation. The video also has some nice editing and motion graphics which always helps.

Google Ads Success Story: Chuckling Goat

The simplicity is everything here. This testimonial video shows how Google Ads can help businesses of any shape and size, even goat farmers. Lovely interviews, a concise story and some cute outtakes at the end. More importantly, it’s an excellent example of how any company can produce its own content for commercial gain, rather than than taking ownership of work produced by the public. Good job Google.

Nike – “Shoe Therapy | Athlete Testimonials”

This is one of the few testimonial videos that we watched and then forwarded to our lucky friends. These shorts are well done, using surrealism to show how people are obsessed with their shoes.

My Made In Pan – Wok ft. Stephanie Izard

A great testimonial doesn’t have to rely on humour, quirkiness, clever editing or graphics. Sometimes a simple video that uses a credible interview and relatable story will do the trick. This video does exactly that and it most likely didn’t cost the earth either.

“So Yeah, We Tried Slack …”

It’s hard not to include an example from Sandwich Video. They took an original approach by using themselves as the case study for Slack. A brilliant script is used to highlight all the benefits of Slack.

Kettlebell Kings: HubSpot Customer Success Story

What we like about this video is that the customer makes a point of mentioning one of reservations about using HubSpot. Testimonial videos are often too fawning and seem disingenuous, which is a shame because authenticity is key for a good testimonial. HubSpot did a great job here.

Electric Mail | Tesla Customer Story


We’ve been sharing this video by Tesla for 6 years. It looks great, has a wonderful interviewee and an interesting story. I think we’ll still be sharing it in another 6 years.

*not literally. Not even figuratively

**it’s not definitive, but we still like it

***even we know this is a stretch

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