Video production is not as easy as you may think. There’s a lot of creative, financial, political and technical things to consider before you get into the fun stuff. Simply put, to produce a good video, you need to work with a good video agency who can bring this altogether for you making the entire experience as pleasant and smooth sailing as possible.

We like to think we’re an awesome video production agency, and we’ve got lots of experience – meaning, we can work with you to make great video content. From all our years on the block, we’ve learnt that it pays to ask a lot of questions upfront. It’s important that you and the video company you’re working with are on the same page before kicking off your video. Start as you mean to go on and you’ll be in for a good ride.

Go ahead and ask these questions to make sure you’re starting your next video production on the right foot. You’ll be grateful you did.

What does the production process look like?

The best thing about working with an experienced video agency is that they should have their processes nailed. From pre-production right through to delivery of your final film(s). You should be kept up to speed during every stage of your video project. Ask them to talk you through how they work internally and explain what the production process is going to look like, along with what aspects could be outsourced. Agree on project milestones, sign off processes and everything in between. It’s also really good to know who your points of contact will be – and vice versa.

At Definition, we manage all aspects of video production in house which means you get a unified production service from start to finish.

How much does a video cost and what’s involved in my quote?

This is usually the first question an agency is asked, and often the most important consideration for clients. However, asking how much a video costs is like asking how long is a piece of string. A word of advice – if the quote sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Your video agency should make a suitable recommendation for your project and walk you through where your money is going. A good agency will be transparent, open and honest. Make sure your quote includes everything agreed and that there are no hidden extras in the fine print.

Take revisions for example. This can be a painful process for both you and your agency.  While it is the video agency’s job to create what you want, you need to be certain of the video you want before production begins. This will help avoid endless revisions down the line and ensure a final edit that comes in on time.  In fact, it’s a good idea to mutually agree on the maximum round of revisions before you sign the contract.

How long is my video going to take to produce?

We all want everything yesterday – and trust us – we know. A good agency will set out a project schedule for you so that you know when and where things are happening throughout the lifecycle of your project. Your video agency should be able to give you realistic timings on how quickly things can be turned around. Timings will vary depending on the type of video production, for example, animation can take longer to turn around than filmed content.

What kind of experience do you have?

Hopefully your research will have served you well and you’ll be up to speed on the type of content your chosen video agency produces and the type of agency it is. Whether it’s animation, filmed content or an awesome 360 video, make sure your agency is easy to work with,  understands what you’re looking to commission and can support you with the objectives you’re looking to achieve.

A good agency will be knowledgeable, experienced and driven to produce good content for their clients. Whether it was a quick google search or recommendation that led you to your agency, get to know the types of content they’ve produced and find some examples of their work you really love. A good agency will then walk you through the process of producing that video.

At Definition, we understand that every video we produce needs to meet a purpose – whether that’s to generate leads, increase website conversions, attract the best talent, wow your viewers, or simplify a complex product or concept.

Now that you know what to ask of your next video agency, put us to the test and let us help you create videos that deliver real results. Speak to our head of video production, Jamie, today.