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We work with teams around the world to create great video marketing strategies that actually deliver.

We are video specialists.

And, as part of the UK’s leading brand alignment company, we work alongside a team of PR experts, SEO specialists, brand strategists, language gurus, internal comms maestros and design aces.

We can deliver on every part of your video marketing strategy with genuine expertise and authority.

  • Audience analysis
  • Brand analysis
  • Customer research
  • Video content audits
  • Planning
  • Writing
  • Behavioural science
  • Resource allocation
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Creative marketing
  • Measurement
  • Optimisation

Our videos have doubled landing page conversions, generated hundreds of thousands of new social followers, changed perceptions, improved UX and increased leads.

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A global video marketing strategy agency

Yes, we’re a team of creatives. But we know our way around data too. Our strategy is based on numbers. Not hunches.

We understand your objectives, identify where video fits in your wider content marketing strategy, benchmark metrics, set KPIs and design a creative, long-term plan that you can present to your executive team to get sign-off.

We can help with implementation too. Or support your in-house video department.

Our video marketing strategy guide

First, we’ll look at your objectives. They need to be clear and measurable. What long- and short-term goals do you have?

You might need to generate some leads, attract some talent, create a social buzz or increase customer engagement.

Now, we’ll look at your audience. Your audience could be customers, prospects, competitors, candidates, partners or even robo-advisors. Either way, we’ll need to know where they go to watch videos and how they like to watch them. And what they’re actually interested in.

A video can sit alone and do a decent job. But to give it the best chance, it needs to sit within the wider context. What are your competitors doing? And are there any significant or emerging trends in your industry?

So how do we know if it’s actually working? We’ll need to look at your current metrics and set a benchmark for success. We’ll work with you to analyse your data and pull out the most meaningful KPIs for your brand.

Now the fun part! It’s time to get creative and plan your content across the year. Your video calendar will have a few important pillars like video ads, events, case studies and testimonials. Map those pillars against your buying cycle and you have content with purpose.

Video needs budget. Preferably in advance. That’s where your strategy comes in. You’ll be able to use your strategy to spread the cost over the most important video projects in the year. It’s also a great way to repurpose or reuse content from earlier in the year. We have plenty of experience managing complex projects, with complex resource planning needs.

You’re going to need a lot of resources. People, writers, crew, studio time, travel…it all adds up. Don’t forget to look at your schedule. If you need your CEO on camera, get it in her calendar STAT.

So, you’ve got a great strategy. Now it’s time to integrate it into your wider marketing activity. That includes horizontal integration (e.g. single campaigns that will include social, live video and media relations) and vertical integration (like making sure your LinkedIn videos fit with your other LinkedIn content.)

Remember those KPIs? Now’s their time to shine. Work out how frequently you’ll need to measure your progress, report on your findings and make some improvements

From AB testing to gathering feedback from viewers and analysing comments, shares and engagement, you should be continuously learning from the performance of your video strategy. That way, you just keep getting better.

“Agilitas selected Definition as our preferred partner of choice for a range of video content to align with our marketing strategy. Throughout the project the Definition team have been both professional and creative demonstrating true excellence in their field.

“Agilitas has a complex service proposition which Definition spent time to understand and produced a video that communicated that proposition in a simple, visual and engaging way that has since been used for multiple marketing initiatives. We look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Richard Eglon, Marketing Director, Agilitas

“At Information TV we commissioned Definition to produce half hour TV shows for broadcast on SKY. Over sixty episodes later and counting, the team have yet to come close to letting us down.”

Mike Buttigieg Director, Information TV

“The finished product was delivered to a high standard and captured the intended messages perfectly. Definition were sensitive to the needs of those participating in the video and delivered a video that is suitable for a range of audiences. We hope to work with them again in the future.”

Rebecca Carr, Central Bedfordshire Council

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