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Product animation gives you the chance to show, not just tell. More specific than general explainers, strategic and beautifully made animations are one of the best ways to dissect and explain a specific product. And they’re great at generating leads. We should know. We’ve made a lot of them.

We’re a product animation company with a global team of writers, animators, social media experts, brand experts and more, we know how to make a product animation that gets results.

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Are product animations worth it?

Demonstrating the functionality of new medical equipment? Selling SaaS to a niche industry? The topic doesn’t matter. With product animations, we can find the opportunity to tell a story, and turn it into something beautiful. Something your customers want to engage with. In a way that makes the most complex subjects easy to understand.

We know video isn’t cheap. But is it actually worth it? With us – yes.

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Product videos and animations can make your website SEO even better.

Every time you add a product video to your website, it can act as another signal to Google that you are a true expert in your field. This makes it more likely that Google will return your website for related queries. That means more traffic and more sales. (And who doesn’t want that?).




Product animations are great for generating leads.

We love making videos to generate leads. And we’re seriously good at it. Our in-house brand strategists, writers and comms experts will ensure that each animation aligns with your wider marketing strategy to guarantee content that gets the best results.

This could include social campaigns, email campaigns, events and even directly as a closing tool for sales.

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We have lots of experience in delivering complex, global projects. We’re incredibly well-versed in dealing with all of the complicated stuff like difficult stakeholders, complex topics and the very worst logistical nightmares.

“Car insurance is quite a dry subject and some of the information can be quite difficult to get across. So we worked with Definition to produce some animated videos that explain our products to our customers. The end result was fantastic and Definition were brilliant to work with.”

Justin Beddows, Head of Content and PR, Admiral

“I really enjoy working with Definition as they consistently deliver high quality productions. Their diligent approach to every project, irrespective of budget, ensures a robust project plan with a successful outcome. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for video production work no matter how big or small the project may be.”

John Toole Product Manager, Zoetis

“The animation was so well received and it really exceeded all our expectations.”

Morag Meldrum, Robinson Low Francis

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