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Motion design is great at getting someone’s attention. And keeping it. It can bring a brand to life, explain complicated ideas, and add some much-needed energy to stale corporate comms.

But how is motion design different to plain old video? Well, it’s a little more complicated. It uses a mix of video disciplines, including motion graphics, animation, audio, photography, and film. A good media agency can use all of it to really bring out the best of you brand. And guess what? We’re an experienced media agency.

What we do is creative. But it’s strategic too. It’s more than a quick content creation. Motion design, more so than other video styles, directly represents and reflects your company. So we take the time to understand your brand better than anyone else before we start scripting, storyboarding and creating.

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More than fluffy visuals. Professional motion design.

Yes. We love the fluffy beautiful bits of film making. But we’re more than that. We’re an experienced global team of film makers with a track record of great film that really works. We have a mixed heritage spanning film, graphic design, and animation. We’re able to bring all these together to deliver amazing motion design projects. Just ask Johnson & Johnson. Or Trustpilot.

And we’ve got the power of our entire agency behind us. A team of writers, strategists, social media experts, PR and communications specialists. Ready to work together. Ready to create motion design that’s results-driven, strategic and informed.

Our motion design services can take complicated messages and turn them into something accessible and engaging. We can capture the energy of your brand and make other people excited about it too. We can grab someone’s attention and hold it for as long as you need.

An experienced motion design agency

We have lots of experience in delivering complex, global projects. We’re incredibly well-versed in dealing with all of the complicated stuff like difficult stakeholders, complex topics and the very worst logistical nightmares.

“The animation was so well received and it really exceeded all our expectations.”

Morag Meldrum, Robinson Low Francis

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