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We are an award-winning product video production agency that can help you capture how your product works, show top use cases and inspire users to become natural ambassadors.

Our expert team will guide you through the entire production process, from ideation to delivery.

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What is a product video?

Product videos? They’re your MVP in the game of sales and marketing. Whether it’s software, professional equipment or consumer goods, product videos are more than just eye-candy, they’re your front-line pitch. They’re all about engaging viewers and making them think, “I need this.”

Your product video’s job? Simply put, to turn maybes into yesses. And the secret achieving that? Your video should showcase the full potential your product or service.

We’re a product video agency specialising in:

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Why make a product video?

Establish credibility and distinguish your business with an impactful video that reflects your brand.

Showcase the features and benefits of your products and services – and why they’re better than the competition.

Make sure prospects remember you and your product. High production quality is important and helps you to generate leads.

Product videos can be used just about anywhere – on your website, on your social or in your emails.

Our global product video experience

Our team of product video production experts will help you turn your product video into a memorable experience for your customers and prospects. We have decades of combined experience working with both established brands around the world, on well-know product lines and start-ups launching for the first time.

They have called us “exceptional”, “a dream to work with”, “highly creative” and “outstanding”.

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Talk to the experts

I’m Jamie, Managing Director of Video at Definition. With a career spanning two decades, I’ve had the privilege of immersing myself in the world of video, creating impactful commercials, shaping brands, and navigating social video production.

Throughout my career, I’ve honed my skills behind the camera, bringing stories to life with precision and passion. From capturing visually stunning footage to orchestrating the perfect animation, my experience covers every aspect of video creation.

A career highlight? Leading Definition’s video division to be recognized as the top video production company in the UK, not once, but for two consecutive years. It’s made easier when you have such a dedicated and talented team.

Jamie Field Screen

Chat to Jamie

I’m Sian, the Head of Video at Definition. With a background in sound and music, I’ve spent the last decade shaping and executing strategic video projects for brilliant clients. These days, you’ll find me leading our video department, handling the big picture stuff across video at Definition and overseeing all our productions.

Always with an eye on telling the best story and creating visually incredible content, I look after the production budgets, scheduling, overseeing quality control of our projects, and managing our talented team of producers, designers, animators, editors and crew. I’ve been lucky enough to produce and direct shoots globally, from Switzerland to Singapore. For all sorts of companies, from big names like Google and AmEx to nimble startups.

Things I love? Working with our wider Definition team to define and align brilliant brands, developing creative strategies, problem solving, consulting on all things video, and making our clients’ work look and sound brilliant.

Sian Evans Screen 3

Chat to Sian

“I used Definition to edit a 30 minute television interview series. As always, I find the team at Definition to be highly professional, enthusiastic and hard working. The editor was able to weave a story out of a long form interview and create an interesting dialogue and ultimately – a great show! I highly recommend the team and use them regularly.”

Jen Northam, Executive Producer, Northam Design

“It is refreshing to deal with a PR and marketing organisation that is as pragmatic and results-focused as Definition. I can attribute the success of several sales campaigns to the creative input of Definition. Their knowledge and understanding of social media has allowed us to open up several new sales channels.”

Clive Kahn, CEO, Cardsave

“As a charity we had a limited budget and long list of needs. The team at Definition took the time to understand the message we wanted in our video and executed the shoot with efficiency and professionalism. They then worked closely with us to produce an outstanding finished product.”

Jeanie Bird, Foundation Director, Knowledge to Action Foundation

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Our production process

We get stuck into your brief. It’s our job to understand what makes your brand tick. We’ll get to grips with your messages and understand your business, so that we can craft the perfect story.

With our heads full of insights, we brainstorm. We develop ideas, from the low-key to the bold, until we get to the perfect concept.

Once you give us the nod, it’s all systems go. We draft the script, rough out the storyboards, nail down voiceovers, and sketch the look. Every video is 100% bespoke and on-brief.

Your video’s ready for delivery and distribution. We make sure to build in time for feedback and edits into the production process.

A brand new video needs a solid marketing plan behind it. We help build a video marketing strategy to deliver against your KPIs.

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Our product video production tips

It’s important that you inspire the viewer by demonstrating that your product will make their lives easier or better. Don’t fall into the trap of just listing features.

Your viewer might come to your product video with very little experience in your industry, so make sure you use language that won’t confuse them.

As you change and improve upon your product, you will need to adapt your product video accordingly. That means make it modular and don’t commit to elements that will be hard to update in the future.

From casting to music and location selection, it’s important that you make a product video that your viewers will relate to. Your video should do much more than show how to use your product – it should persuade viewers to purchase.

Your customer is interested in your product because they believe that it will solve a problem for them. Focus on that pain point to maximise your chances of success.

Your product video doesn’t need to follow a pre-defined format. In fact, it offers an excellent medium to use storytelling to forge a deeper connection with the viewer.

How much does a product video cost?

All of our pricing is bespoke because style and duration are huge factors.

We’re pros at getting prices out quickly so get in touch and we’ll quote for your project in no time.

How long does it take to produce a product video?

Production will take roughly 6 weeks.

How long should a product video be?

Depending on your video and its aims, anywhere from 60 seconds to 3 minutes.

Why make a product video?

Product videos elevate your brand, build trust and showcase your product’s edge over the competition. Designed for multi-channel marketing, product videos help prospects remember your product and increase your conversion rate.

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