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An explainer video can be an incredibly effective sales, marketing or customer service tool. But with so much content vying for your audience’s attention, how do you create an explainer video that really stands out?

Well, you need to work with an award-winning explainer video company that can think creatively about your brief. That’s us: we’re a video marketing and production company on a mission to create outstanding visual content. In fact, this mission is so important to us that we have a bonus in place for anyone on our team who conceptualises an award-winning idea. View our portfolio of work below, read on to find out more about our unique approach or check out our hand-picked listing of the best explainer animations.

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Working with an award-winning explainer video company

Once we’ve received your brief we’ll ask questions, research your competitors, interview your prospects, conduct social listening and study your brand to give us a solid understanding of what you’re trying to achieve. We’ll then take this brief to one of our weekly facilitated brainstorms (you’re welcome to join this session – it’s on a Friday and there’s beer and chocolate), where it will be put to a group of creatives and strategists who will bounce ideas around and play with different themes and concepts. The ideas we generate (from the muted to the mad) will then be presented to you for further discussion. And then we’ll get started.

We believe that as an explainer video company we need to do more than make you a beautiful, impactful animated video. We need to make sure it achieves what you set out to do, which means the pressure is on us to think beyond the graphics and the characters. It’s hard work for us, but it’s one of the reasons our clients love working with us.

Our explainer video production tips

An explainer video can help your sales team move prospects down the sales funnel; help your marketing team capture the attention of buyers in the any stage of the buyer journey; and it can help your customer services team ensure consumers get the most out of your product. But how do you make sure you get it right?

When you’re investing in an animated explainer video, it can be easy to try to cram it full of messages. But don’t include too many distractions: simplicity is beautiful – and effective.

While you might have a clear picture in your head of what you want your explainer video agency to deliver, keep an open mind. Opting for the unexpected is often the difference between a beautiful video and a beautiful video that delivers true ROI.

The past decade has seen a revolution in how video is used for marketing. Your explainer video can be cleverly and strategically used to collect leads (through gates, turnstiles or embedded forms) or send viewers along a specific conversion path (e.g., embedded links and calls to action).

Our team feels quite strongly about whiteboard animations. We really do recommend against this outdated format. They might be cheap but they can quickly damage your brand image.

There are loads of cheap explainer video companies out there, but we know for a fact that quality matters. Take our ‘spot the difference‘ test to see if you can easily identify the components of a high-end animation.

We recommend you test concepts or ideas throughout the production process to give your video the best chance of success. And when it’s live, measure everything from engagement rate to view-through and conversion rates to enable you to optimise and improve continuously.

“Car insurance is quite a dry subject and some of the information can be quite difficult to get across. So we worked with Definition to produce some animated videos that explain our products to our customers. The end result was fantastic and Definition were brilliant to work with.”

Justin Beddows, Head of Content and PR at Admiral

A contemporary art collage of a businessman shouting in megaphone, with a yellow and red quotation mark on either side of him on the explainer video company page.