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A demo video should help you close deals. In fact, a great demo video can increase conversions by as much as 73%.

Demo videos share the benefits of your product or service, how to get the most out of it, and convince the viewer that they really need it. They simplify the decision-making process and are perfect for ensuring that your product is easily understood.

From product demonstrations, to platform walk-throughs and software showcases, our demo animation and video services cover the entire process and offer excellent value for money. See examples of our work below, or keep reading for our demo video production tips. If you’re ready to get started, contact us to discuss your brief.

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What is a demo video?

A demo video is an eye-catching, informative mini film that breaks down your product’s features, uses and key benefits into a digestible format. It’s about enabling prospects to see their challenges resolved with your solution.

Demos do the heavy lifting for your marketing. They help your brand earn trust whilst also highlighting how your product fits the bill like no other. It’s a strategic look at your product, and could cover everything from user experience to how it integrates with other systems. Demos ensure your audience gets the full picture, understands USPs, and ends up exactly where you want them – ready to buy.

Using demo animation gives your business an edge, allowing you to clearly communicate value and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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What are the benefits of a demo video?

Build trust in your products and services with an expertly produced video that reflects the high quality of your brand.

Show-off your product’s value, its functionality, and its features – in a way that’s easy to understand.

Drive more traffic to your website and boost your online presence.

Share your demo video across multiple channels. From your website and emails to social media platforms it can be a tool to help you engage prospects at every touchpoint.

Highlight the potential and value of your venture. Create a compelling narrative that inspires investors and crowdfunding participants.

“Definition have been nothing but exceptional. A first class service throughout that’s required them to be extremely flexible, enthusiastic and work to very tight deadlines. Definition grasped what Purplebricks was about and our objectives from day one, delivering several videos which are highly engaging and communicate Purplebricks’ services in a creative and digestible format – we love them!

“I personally found Definition a very supportive agency, as I am part of a smaller team, I needed that extra support at times which seen them often going above and beyond what was required, without ever having an issue in doing so. The impression you’re left with is that you are their sole client. I very much respect what the whole team do at Definition and have confidence we’re going to make some more great videos in the near future.”

David Kelley, UX & Conversion Manager, Purple Bricks

“Definition is the best digital marketing agency we have found. Amongst a myriad of others, Definition is original in terms of customer attention and communication. Definition has helped us to generate more business by taking the time to understand our market and company profile.  The Definition team has been instrumental in developing and sharing our message.”

Philip Drake, Genric Security Services

“Definition have provided us with excellent support and guidance, turning our thoughts of using short videos as a key customer communication tool into a practical reality. Their project management approach, understanding of our audience and video production skills are excellent and working with them is a pleasure.”

Susan Marsh, Central Bedfordshire Council

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Our experience

Our team is dedicated and creative. We’ve been making high-quality demo animations and videos around the globe for nearly 20 years. We will work with you to identify where your product demo sits in your video marketing strategy , to understand the target audience and to produce a cost-effective plan for creating your video content.

There is always the option to make your demo video in-house, but if it needs to be at a standard that will reflect your brand, you need to find a company that specialises in demo video production.

There is no need for your product video to be boring. In fact, this type of video content offers a further opportunity to engage your customer. So, consider how scenarios, music, AI video tools and animation can be used to keep it interesting. It’s hard work for us, but it’s one of the reasons our clients love working with us. Our clients have described us as “hard-working”, “perceptive”, “excellent value for money” and “wonderful to work with”.

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I’m Jamie, Managing Director of Video at Definition. With a career spanning two decades, I’ve had the privilege of immersing myself in the world of video, creating impactful commercials, shaping brands, and navigating social video production.

Throughout my career, I’ve honed my skills behind the camera, bringing stories to life with precision and passion. From capturing visually stunning footage to orchestrating the perfect animation, my experience covers every aspect of video creation.

A career highlight? Leading Definition’s video division to be recognized as the top video production company in the UK, not once, but for two consecutive years. It’s made easier when you have such a dedicated and talented team.

Jamie Field Screen

Chat to Jamie

I’m Sian, the Head of Video at Definition. With a background in sound and music, I’ve spent the last decade shaping and executing strategic video projects for brilliant clients. These days, you’ll find me leading our video department, handling the big picture stuff across video at Definition and overseeing all our productions.

Always with an eye on telling the best story and creating visually incredible content, I look after the production budgets, scheduling, overseeing quality control of our projects, and managing our talented team of producers, designers, animators, editors and crew. I’ve been lucky enough to produce and direct shoots globally, from Switzerland to Singapore. For all sorts of companies, from big names like Google and AmEx to nimble startups.

Things I love? Working with our wider Definition team to define and align brilliant brands, developing creative strategies, problem solving, consulting on all things video, and making our clients’ work look and sound brilliant.

Sian Evans Screen 3

Chat to Sian

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Our process

We dive into your brief and truly get to know your brand. We learn about and analyse your key messages, which helps to pinpoint the perfect, most impactful angle for your video.

Now, armed with insight, we bring our creatives and strategists together for a brainstorm. We come up with concepts, from the understated to the utterly wild. Once we have the perfect idea, we’ll present it to you.

Once you’re happy, we get going on the production. We write the script, sketch the storyboards, craft voiceovers, and frame the style – making sure every element aligns with your brand.

Time to deliver your new video. But we don’t stop there: we build time for feedback and edits into our production process.

A standout video needs a standout distribution strategy. We can help you to map out the ultimate video marketing plan, guiding you towards your goals with precision.

Our demo video production tips

Even in a demo video, it’s important that you show the user how the product will benefit them, rather than just listing its features – they are far more likely to engage with something that solves a problem for them.

Your viewer might come to your demo video after identifying a new problem. That means they may be completely unaware of industry jargon. So the language you use in your guide should be tailored to their level of understanding.

Your product will no doubt evolve over time, which means your demo video strategy will need some built-in flexibility. Don’t make your videos so complex and high-end that updates are expensive and take ages to produce.

It’s essential to understand where the typical viewer is in your buyer’s journey. If your demo video is a mid-funnel piece of content designed to convert trial users, it will need to take a different approach to a video designed to showcase a new product feature to existing customers.

Except that it does. Just because someone has signed up for a trial of your product or service, doesn’t mean they will be willing to dedicate two hours to watching a painstaking walk-through of the entire thing. Focus on the best bits and save the rest for after the close.

It’s always a good idea to break your product features and benefits into smaller chunks and produce a series of demo videos to enable your users to easily pick and choose the most relevant bits for them.

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How much does a demo video cost?

The cost of a demo video all depends on duration and style. That said, ours generally come in between £6,000-£10,000.

Drop us a line and we’ll get you a precise quote quicker than you can say ‘demo video’.

How long does it take to produce a demo video?

Production of your demo video will take 6-8 weeks max. This includes development of all messaging, storyboarding, as well as time built in for review and feedback.

How long should a product demo video be?

We’d suggest breaking things down into:

  • 1 x overview of the product – 90 seconds to 2 minutes long
  • multiple individual feature videos – 60 seconds

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