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Five billion videos are watched on YouTube every day and that’s just one platform. So how do you make yours stand out?

Animation lets you make your point clearly and emphatically. You can make it work for any audience, it’s engaging, and it’ll make people remember your brand. It’s also great for tricky topics that people could struggle to understand.

We’re a talented team of illustrators, strategists, animators, writers, designers and AI prompt engineers. We’re not woolly and we don’t produce fluff.

We make content that elevates your brand, simplifies the complex, and delivers results. We’ve worked with global companies like Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft,, Siemens and Gatwick Airport.

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Why use animation?

Animations boost sales, generate attention for your brand, and educate your audience in the simplest way possible. And, they help your message stick in people’s minds.

Clarify the complex.

With animation, you get to script, storyboard and edit in a way that’s much harder to replicate when producing live-action videos (with real people). This makes animations perfect for explainer videos.

Reflect your brand.

Animated videos can pick up every piece of your brand’s guidelines, combining them with unique visual elements. Animation can become a natural part of your brand’s activity, fitting perfectly into all your marketing channels.

Bring your business to life for potential investors.

Show investors the challenges you’re tackling and the solutions you provide. It’s all about helping them get to the ‘aha!’ moment when they see the value you’re product or service is adding.

Boost engagement and drive sales.

Animation delivers clear, engaging and interesting narratives, giving your brand more trust, more recognition and helping your sales team to convert.

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What type of animation do you need?

Our team of animated video production experts has extensive expertise. We’ve created thousands of animations for companies of all sizes, all around the globe.

Whether you need 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, mixed content or AI-led animation – we’ve got the know-how.

We specialise in:

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“Car insurance is quite a dry subject and some of the information can be quite difficult to get across. So we worked with Definition to produce some animated videos that explain our products to our customers. The end result was fantastic and Definition were brilliant to work with.”

Justin Beddows, Head of Content and PR, Admiral

“We approached Definition to help explain a new business concept for a conference we were attending at very short notice. The idea was quite complex, but Jamie was quick to identify the key selling points and helped us through the process of creating a storyboard and script for the animation.

“I found Jamie and his team to be very professional and extremely accommodating. They were able to respond to our needs and deliver the completed animation before the conference, explaining the idea in less than 90 seconds and creating a wow factor for the audience. I would not hesitate to approach Definition again to help with our next project.”

Craig Abrahart,

“Working with Definition was great from start to finish, both times I have worked with them. They are incredibly helpful, professional and friendly. I felt like the team went above and beyond to make sure the animation was to a high standard. We are so happy with the outcome and will definitely come back for future explainers.”

Sarah Grogan, Procensus

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I’m Jamie, Managing Director of Video at Definition. With a career spanning two decades, I’ve had the privilege of immersing myself in the world of video, creating impactful commercials, shaping brands, and navigating social video production.

Throughout my career, I’ve honed my skills behind the camera, bringing stories to life with precision and passion. From capturing visually stunning footage to orchestrating the perfect animation, my experience covers every aspect of video creation.

A career highlight? Leading Definition’s video division to be recognized as the top video production company in the UK, not once, but for two consecutive years. It’s made easier when you have such a dedicated and talented team.

Jamie Field Screen

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I’m Sian, the Head of Video at Definition. With a background in sound and music, I’ve spent the last decade shaping and executing strategic video projects for brilliant clients. These days, you’ll find me leading our video department, handling the big picture stuff across video at Definition and overseeing all our productions.

Always with an eye on telling the best story and creating visually incredible content, I look after the production budgets, scheduling, overseeing quality control of our projects, and managing our talented team of producers, designers, animators, editors and crew. I’ve been lucky enough to produce and direct shoots globally, from Switzerland to Singapore. For all sorts of companies, from big names like Google and AmEx to nimble startups.

Things I love? Working with our wider Definition team to define and align brilliant brands, developing creative strategies, problem solving, consulting on all things video, and making our clients’ work look and sound brilliant.

Sian Evans Screen 3

Chat to Sian

I’m Emma, your on-call animator. Sketching, drawing, and bringing stills to life, this is my creative world. Whether it’s detailed illustrations or minimalist lines, I transform ideas into engaging animation, one frame at a time.

My animation experience includes crafting ads, explainers, and communication videos. Each project brings new challenges, and overcoming these is my speciality. I get a deep sense of satisfaction from knowing that my animations help businesses get closer to their goals, enabling them to connect with audiences more effectively. I bring my genuine love of animation to everything I create.

Emma Strydom

Our process for award-winning animated video production


We’ll start by having a chat with you about what you’re looking for. And, we’ll get to know your business in a genuine way. We’ll speak to your team and delve into the details so that we can make a video that not just reflects your brand, but truly amplifies it. We’ll also use this stage to get super clear on goals.

Getting creative

From there, we’ll bounce some ideas around in a creative workshop and come up with concepts to present back to you. They might be utterly serious, thought-provoking, zany… depending on what your style is.

Production and delivery

Then, we’ll crack on with storyboarding, scripting and style design. We’ll put together an animation that achieves exactly what it needs to, and that highlights your brand at its very best. Whether it’s character-based, motion graphics or abstract, 2D or 3D, we’ve made thousands of animations. So you’re in safe hands.


Once we’ve delivered your video, we can work our video marketing strategy magic, to make 100% sure that your new animation delivers as promised.

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Production tips from a video animation company

You can’t make a good video without a good brief. That means knowing everything from your target audience and timelines to your wider marketing strategy – including KPIs and budget. But don’t worry if you don’t already have a comprehensive brief before you meet us: our expert producers can help you create one.

In a good animation script, the story always comes first. But you also want to sneak in a bit of corporate messaging. Luckily, we have a team of bona-fide language specialists who’ll craft a script that can do just that (seriously, they’ve been writing and exploring language for years (and years). They even named ‘Ocado’ and ‘The London Eye’.

Music, voiceover and sound effects heighten visuals and emotions in ways that your audience can’t even explain. We have a database of over 30,000 exceptional voice-over artists to choose from (not to mention all of the different ways that we’re integrating AI into our animation production process). And a talented musician (she once played Glastonbury!) on the team to help you smash the soundtrack.

We know about production, but you know your company. That’s why we involve you every step of the way. We’ll show you how characters, objects and environments will look in the final animation. And we always make sure to give you a short preview, in case you have any last-minute thoughts before the final version.

We’ve honed and refined our production process (and are continuing to do so), and we’re pleased to say it’s pretty slick. We never forget the important little details like licensing music, saving to your preferred file formats and tailoring different versions to different channels.


How much does a video animation cost?

All of our pricing is bespoke because style and duration are huge factors.

We’re pros at getting prices out quickly so get in touch and we’ll quote for your project in no time.

How long does it take to produce an animation?

It takes approximately 6 weeks to produce an animation.

How long should an animation be?

An animation should be around 60-90 seconds long. This depends on the aim of your video.

“We’ve worked with Definition on quite a few projects, mainly on digital animations. They are great to work with, and always deliver on budget and on time. They are flexible, accommodating, and take the time to understand our requirements.”

Andy Woodbridge, Senior Brand Development and Media Manager, Cambridge University Press

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