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More companies than ever are using video to communicate with employees and other stakeholders. That’s because research shows that video is more effective, memorable and impactful than more traditional communications channels.

We are an internal communications video production agency that believes that all of the principles that apply to corporate videos are relevant to internal videos too: value your audience’s time, recognise that production quality matters, and give equal importance to delivery and script. Ultimately, your employees are an audience in their own right, and should be treated with care and respect, just like your customers.

Global corporations, start-ups, universities and charities have all used our internal communications video production services, with our clients including Fidelity, Johnson & Johnson and AmEx.

See our portfolio of work, or keep reading to find out about the types of internal communications video productions we cover.

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Bespoke internal comms video services

Our team is committed to making sure your internal communications video production is a success. We can help you set objectives and KPIs and decide on the best distribution method (whether that’s through your intranet, in an email or broadcast at a company event). We’ll then generate ideas with you – we believe that internal videos can be creative and fun – before we get started on pre-production.

And while we don’t do mass-produced, budget productions, we will always advise on the most efficient way to achieve your goals. That might be through a subscription service where we plan out your video content for the year (enabling you to benefit from efficiencies of scale), or we could help you set up a studio in your offices if faster turnaround is important. And if you need us at short notice, we’ll be able to make our video team available to you quickly.

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Our internal communications video production covers…

It’s particularly important that health and safety messages are communicated clearly, as you need to ensure that your entire team has internalised the information. Video is ideal for this type of content: it is memorable and impactful and it ensures consistency of delivery.

When it comes to upskilling staff and explaining complex processes, video and animation offer an excellent solution. Video content can be consumed on-demand, and metrics (e.g. view-through rate) can be collected to monitor and improve on training outcomes.

Standardise the “first day experience” with a creative and impactful onboarding video that sets the tone for new employees and gets them excited about working for you. This is a highly efficient way to introduce new starters to management or to colleagues in international divisions.

Most CEOs simply don’t have the time to meet with every employee, but videos can be strategically used to make management more accessible. A cleverly produced video will ensure that the message reaches every team member and lands with the same impact.

Change management is all about ensuring consistency and clarity. Communicating new processes to your whole team via video offers a number of benefits: they can be delivered simultaneously to reduce confusion and employees can take extra time to replay elements that are more relevant to their roles or more difficult to grasp.

Videos are a great way to capture and celebrate important milestones. They motivate staff, boost morale and encourage participation in company initiatives. And footage captured at these memorable events can be used to support future projects.

“Working with the Definition team has been a very positive and refreshing experience, and I am keen to get cracking on our next project with them!”

Liz Johns Corporate Marketing, Artificial Solutions

“Not only did Definition do a brilliant job for us, they were a delight to work with. We came to them at short notice with a quick turnaround project and they helped us shape what we needed, made creative suggestions and delivered well-produced, informative videos in our time frame. We’re looking forward to working with them on future projects and couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Rebekah Polding, Director - Archive, Heritage & Exhibitions at BAFTA

“Definition provided an excellent level of service and expertise, and we were very happy with the result.”

Natasha Stidder, Events Manager & Web Editor, The Financial Times

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