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Videos are the first thing people click on when they land on a new website. We should know. We’ve done the research. That means your promotional video needs to work hard. It needs to show-off your products and services, represent your brand as a whole, raise your profile above your competitors, help out your SEO, generate leads and work within your wider marketing strategy.

We can help. We’re a promotional video production agency that makes strategic, intelligent videos that make people feel and act. All backed by our team of PR experts, brand strategists, internal comms specialists, and designers.

Check out some of our work below and keep reading for our promotional video production tips. Interested? Let’s make a video.

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What is a promotional video?

Promotional videos are your digital shop window, drawing in your audience with a peek at your offer – from products and software to events and services. Done right, they can boost sales and generate engagement.

Whether they’re hosted on your website, on your social or are stealing the show at conferences, these videos have one job: to captivate and convert.

Promotional video production can take many different forms:

There’s a whole range of video types at your disposal. And, we’ve been making them for years. We have experience producing simple videos, complex videos, and everything in between.

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Why are you thinking about a promotional video?

Launching a new product or service? We can help you make some noise about it.

Feeling your current video’s past its prime? We can help freshen things up.

Making your first promotional video? We’re here to make sure it’s a splash, not a splat.

Want to give your sales team a leg up? We’ve been there, done that.

Our promotional video production services get people talking about you for all the right reasons.

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The benefits of a promotional video

Let’s keep things simple. Get it right, and you’re looking at:

  • an increase in brand awareness
  • a surge in leads
  • a healthy bump to your bottom line.

That’s what we’re here for.

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“Definition cares about the future of Receipt Bank as much as we do. The team genuinely wants to see the business grow, and their whole approach to comms is focussed on that objective. They’ve made a significant and measurable contribution to our growth this year.”

Nelson Da Silva Partner Manager, Receipt Bank

“If you are considering working with a video agency, Definition are the team to work with. Their ideas are always on point, they deliver videos on time and of high standard. An absolute pleasure to work with. The team are extremely efficient and reliable, from briefing stage, creative, production and delivery, we have not been disappointed!”

Charlotte Plant Business Development Manager, Red Apple Creative

We absolutely love the video. Thank you so much for all your hard work AGAIN!

Nick Daly, Absolute Radio

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I’m Jamie, Managing Director of Video at Definition. With a career spanning two decades, I’ve had the privilege of immersing myself in the world of video, creating impactful commercials, shaping brands, and navigating social video production.

Throughout my career, I’ve honed my skills behind the camera, bringing stories to life with precision and passion. From capturing visually stunning footage to orchestrating the perfect animation, my experience covers every aspect of video creation.

A career highlight? Leading Definition’s video division to be recognized as the top video production company in the UK, not once, but for two consecutive years. It’s made easier when you have such a dedicated and talented team.

Jamie Field Screen

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I’m Sian, the Head of Video at Definition. With a background in sound and music, I’ve spent the last decade shaping and executing strategic video projects for brilliant clients. These days, you’ll find me leading our video department, handling the big picture stuff across video at Definition and overseeing all our productions.

Always with an eye on telling the best story and creating visually incredible content, I look after the production budgets, scheduling, overseeing quality control of our projects, and managing our talented team of producers, designers, animators, editors and crew. I’ve been lucky enough to produce and direct shoots globally, from Switzerland to Singapore. For all sorts of companies, from big names like Google and AmEx to nimble startups.

Things I love? Working with our wider Definition team to define and align brilliant brands, developing creative strategies, problem solving, consulting on all things video, and making our clients’ work look and sound brilliant.

Sian Evans Screen 3

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Dedicated promotional video production

The success of your promo video is as important to us as it is to you. From targeting and strategy to production, marketing and distribution we are with you every step of the way. When you work with us, you’ll notice every detail is taken care of, so you won’t get that gut-wrenching feeling that you’ve briefed your promotional video agency wrongly, that they’re on the wrong track, or that your boss is going to turn up her nose at the results.

We are dedicated professionals who will enhance your image along with the image of your company.

Our award-winning team of experts have made thousands of videos for over 1,000 happy clients from start-ups to global brands like Amex and Citrix. Our clients have called us “exceptional,” “creative,” “strategic,” and “incredibly service oriented”.

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How do you film a promotional video?  Our process.

Every standout promo video starts with us learning about your business. We get to grips with the messaging for your video and think about how to convey it perfectly. We’ll also take time to define goals and the wider strategy with you.

Next up, we brainstorm. Our creative specialists come up with ideas, from the understated to the bold. We sieve all our ideas and bring the best ones to you.

Then it’s over to the wordsmiths in our specialist language team to for scripting. At the same time, we’ll be working on storyboarding, and style framing.

Next we deliver your promo video, ready for the world to see. We’ll tweak it until it’s perfect (feedback and editing time is all built into the production timeline).

Because a supercharged video deserves supercharged distribution. Whatever your goal, we help you plot the perfect video marketing roadmap to get there.

Our promotional video production tips

As tempting as it is, we never rush straight into production. Our team will spend quality time with you to get to know your business, audience and objectives so you can build a video strategy that works. Key questions should be answered at this stage: How long should it be? Who will be watching? Where? How do you want them to feel? What do you want them to do?

It’s hard to make a great video without great project management. Putting a video together is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. You need to slot the branding, script, storyboard and schedule into place before you start the fun bit! And you need to decide on a budget. Video can be expensive but it’s worth it. The quality of your video reflects the quality of your brand.

Your promo video needs to work hard. It’s about more than telling the story. It needs to get people moving. Is your video is trying to generate leads? Then add some interactive features like forms or calls to action. Then you need to make sure it’s working. Set KPIs. Measuring against them is a vital part of your marketing strategy. They’ll help you test different concepts, ideas and visuals.

You could have made the best video the world has ever seen. But if the distribution isn’t strategic, the right people won’t see it. Landing page optimisation, social promotion and direct marketing will all have an impact on the type of video you make. As a specialist video team within a full-service agency, we can support you with high-level expertise on all of the above.

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How much does a promotional video cost?

It varies depending on style, duration and production value, but the ballpark for a promo video is £8,000.

How long does it take to produce a promotional video?

It will take roughly 6 weeks to produce your promotional video.

How long should a promotional video be?

A promotional video should be about 60 seconds long.

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