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Testimonials are powerful. They’re even more powerful in video. You see and hear real people sharing their authentic experiences. It’s trust-building stuff.

We create testimonial videos that genuinely help grow your reputation. Use them on sales pages, mix them into your content, even give your SEO a boost.

For over a decade, we’ve been interviewing people and making videos for brands like yours. We run thousands of interviews and know this game inside out.

You could go for a cheaper option. But a shoddy video just makes your brand look shoddy. With us, you get engaging, interesting testimonials that’ll make your whole brand shine. To tell you the truth, you get what you pay for.

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Why are testimonials so effective?

Seeing real people talk about a product or service can be way more convincing than traditional advertising. Testimonials give you that all-important social proof. We’re hard-wired to trust recommendations, especially from people we can relate to. You hear it straight from their mouths, and that builds serious trust in your brand.

We’re talking uncut, unscripted, genuine testimonials. No polished corporate spiel or hard sell tactics. Just honest, relatable experiences. Raw authenticity builds trust. Your viewers see it as the real deal, not some professionally scripted advertising.

Stories and real human emotions stick in our minds way more than facts and figures. While stats have their place, a well-crafted testimonial video uses compelling stories to make your message truly memorable.

Testimonial videos cut through the noise and get straight to the point. They show how your product or service solves specific problems or meets specific needs. Instead of listing lots of features, testimonials keep it simple. You hear directly from customers about the actual problems and solutions. That kind of clarity is a lot more powerful than getting bogged down in abstract terms.

Testimonial videos are super shareable. A powerful personal story can spread like wildfire when people hit share. Before you know it, your testimonial video is introducing your product or service to a massive new audience (for no extra marketing cost).

Testimonial videos are a super versatile marketing tool that’ll work hard for your money. You can use them on your website, across social media, in emails, even at trade shows. Wherever you need to showcase real customer stories, testimonials have got your back.

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What are the different types of testimonial video?

Customer testimonials

Featuring actual customers sharing their personal experiences with a product or service.

Expert testimonials

Industry experts or influencers speak about the product or service, adding credibility through their professional authority.

Case studies

More in-depth, often combining a customer testimonial with data and analysis to show how a product or service has been successfully implemented and the specific results achieved. We specialise in case study videos too.

Employee testimonials

Staff talk about the company’s culture, products, or services, offering an inside view that can be particularly effective for recruitment or B2B marketing.

User-generated content

Companies can encourage customers to send in their own testimonial videos. These are less polished but can be highly authentic and relatable.

Interview style

A formal sit-down with a customer or expert can give a more serious and detailed account of a user’s experience with the product or service.

Narrative testimonials

These follow a story arc, showing a customer’s journey from the problem they faced to the solution provided. Narrative testimonials often have a high emotional focus.

And we make all of them. Start a project with us here.

Meet the experts

I’m Sian, the Head of Video at Definition. With over a decade’s experience, combined with my background in music and sound, I like to think I bring a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to our projects.

Lots of clients ask me, what makes a good testimonial?

For us, it’s all about enthusiastic customers speaking straight from the heart about how a product or service has improved their lives and their business. They’re sharing real results and personal stories, not just vague praise.

You want that sweet spot where the video is polished and professional enough to be taken seriously, but still down-to-earth and believable. No stuffy corporate nonsense.

Chat to Sian

“I really enjoy working with Definition as they consistently deliver high quality productions. Their diligent approach to every project, irrespective of budget, ensures a robust project plan with a successful outcome. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for video production work no matter how big or small the project may be.”

John Toole Product Manager, Zoetis

“Definition’s talented and experienced team take strategic-thinking and combine it with a customer-centric approach to ensure the best result for their clients. From beginning to end they are a joy to work with – we’re thrilled with our end product every time.”

Chloe Spencer, Neyber

“The experience of working with Definition to produce the video was a smooth one and we know that it has helped our potential customers better understand our services. We would happily use Definition again.”

Simon Knock, Marketing Executive, Upad.co.uk


How much does a testimonial video cost?

All of our pricing is bespoke because style and duration are huge factors.

We’re pros at getting prices out quickly so get in touch and we’ll quote for your project in no time.

How long does it take to produce a testimonial video?

8 weeks, give or take.

How long should a testimonial video be?

60-90 seconds.

How quickly can you quote?

Once we’ve been contacted and briefed, we can provide quote within 24 hours (max).

What information do you need from me for an accurate quote?

Ideally, we need to know:

  • What type of video you want to make
  • How long you want it to be (we can advise)
  • Your preferred style and approach (your ideas + we can advise)
  • Any expectations and limitations
  • Your deadline
  • Your (approximate) budget

What equipment do you use?

We use the latest and greatest kit. Because there’s no ‘one size fits all approach’, we’ll make the best recommendation for your project.

Do you work internationally?

Yes. We are UK based with offices in London, Leeds and Manchester, and we work on global projects.

Will I be able to review my video once it’s made?

Yes, definitely. We always build review and feedback time into the production process.

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Our tried-and-tested, testimonial production process

We nail down why you need this testimonial and who you’re speaking to.

Then we’ll hand-pick the perfect customers – people who’ve had a great experience and can articulate it well on camera.

Next, we’ll put together a set of questions to guide the testimonial. Not just generic fluff but prompts that’ll get those customers opening up about their genuine experiences with you.

Finally, we’ll plan all the filming logistics down to the last detail – location, lighting, gear, you name it. If permissions are needed, we’ve got that covered too.

We’ll work around your customers’ diaries to book in filming times that suit them. Convenience is key for getting natural, relaxed performances. Before hitting record, we’ll make sure your customers know exactly what to expect.

We’ll run through the plan, so they feel prepped and at ease in front of the camera. It’s all about keeping everyone aligned.

Our crew will be raring to go with all the right gear on shoot day.

We’ll set up the filming space just right – with professional lighting, sound and cameras.

Then it’s all about making your customers feel comfortable. We’ll put them at ease and gently guide the conversation, ensuring those testimonials feel natural – not scripted.

In the background, we’ll be capturing that all-important b-roll footage too. Think shots of your customers using your products, atmospheric scenery – anything that adds extra context.

We’ll comb through all the footage, picking out bits that really drive your message home.

Then it’s time to stitch it all together into a cohesive and engaging narrative, keeping in mind pacing and overall length.

We’ll add all the final flourishes – some background music, text overlays, your logo, and a call-to-action.

First, we’ll share the polished edit with you and get your sign-off. And make any needed tweaks.

Once it’s got the final seal of approval, we can help you out that testimonial video on all the platforms you want – website, social, YouTube, emails, you name it.

Then it’s about keeping a close eye on how your video is performing and gathering feedback. That way, we can assess its impact and learn for future projects.

Keep scrolling for our advice on how to prep for a shoot, or…

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How to prep for a testimonial shoot

Ensure everyone gets the objective

Understand the goal of the testimonial and the main message to convey.

Choose the right people (we can help with this)

Select enthusiastic and articulate participants who reflect the target audience.

Schedule and location (we handle this)

Arrange a convenient time and choose a quiet, appropriate setting for filming.

Dress appropriately

Video subjects should wear solid colours and outfits that align with the video’s tone and your brand image.

Pre-shoot check in (we handle this)

Make sure everyone is looped in on the process from the start. We encourage authenticity and comfort vs overly rehearsed statements. Conduct a brief run-through to help people feel at ease and clarify any last-minute details.

Check in about kit and crew (we handle this)

Ensure all filming kit is ready and the crew are briefed.

Final checks (we handle this)

Make sure key points, stories and data that need to be highlighted are reviewed and understood by the participants.

Let's talk testimonial videos

Some more testimonial video tips

Strategy. Strategy. Strategy. You can’t make a good testimonial video without it. Why are you making one? Who do you want to see it? How do you want them to feel? What should they do after watching? And how will you get these videos in front of the right people?

From format to style to distribution, purpose will give your video direction.

Find the people who really love what you do. And then find the ones who’ll be good on camera. Don’t worry; we can help. We’ll start with a quick video call to test them out, and then if they make the grade it’s lights, camera, action.

There’s nothing worse than an overly scripted, robotic testimonial. Make sure your cheerleader knows the key messages, then turn on the camera and just start filming. It’ll help everything feel so much more natural and believable.

A good director should work with you to script the questions. They’ll make sure they’ll get the interviewee talking about the benefits to them, rather than a list of product features. They’ll also help everyone stay on-message, tease out soundbite-worthy responses, and help avoid marketing-speak.

Your customers are busy. If they say yes to a video, they’ll be doing you a favour. So keep it easy. Travel to them, and fit the whole thing around their schedule. Even if that means working late or weekends.

Filming a testimonial video is a great chance to get to know your customer personally. Take time to talk to them, learn about them, and don’t forget to thank them. And there’s no harm in making filming days a special experience. Treat them like a film star. Bring out hair and makeup, give them a nice space to get ready in, and grab them a nice coffee.

Testimonials are more than fancy bits of decoration. They’re strategic. Build them into your marketing strategy and keep your objectives in mind from start to finish.

Sloppy video won’t cut it. It has to be technically flawless. That means 4K, quality composition, clear audio and quality editing. Do it properly and take your video to the next level.

You’ve made it. Now you need to check it works. Check your engagement, click-through, view-through, and conversion rates. And actually use that data to make it even better.