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We’ve made a lot of case-study videos. Videos that are beautiful, compelling and tell the story behind some great projects and companies. And our team of producers, directors, editors and scriptwriters know how to keep the production process easy.

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Global case study video production

So you’ve created something incredible and you’ve sold to your customers. They love it. That’s a great story that deserves to be shared and celebrated.

That’s where video case studies come in. Video captures your attention, holds it, and leaves you with a feeling. An impression of your brand and your product. That generates leads, and shapes the way your customers see your brand for years to come

It’s worked for American Express, Gatwick Airport and Virgin.

How to make a great video case study

A case study video is about telling stories from your customer’s perspective. Don’t waste time going into detail about your company, your products or your services. That’s what your website is for. Tell the human side of your story instead.

Every project has its challenges. There’s no point pretending they don’t. Be authentic and embrace the mistakes: your video will be more real, more engaging and more convincing. Yes, you hit some obstacles. But you knew how to clear them.

B2B case studies have an extra step. Your product helped your client, which helped their customers too. That’s two stories in one.

While it’s wonderful to have a customer singing your praises, you need to back it up with facts and figures. But that doesn’t have to mean a dull report. Weave the evidence into your story with animation and motion graphics.

It’s easy to picture a typical case study video. A talking head with stock footage and a bit of music. But we like to push the boundaries. Use animation, motion graphics, drones and other storytelling tools to keep viewers engaged and entertained.

You can make a case study video on a shoestring if you really want to. But you get what you pay for. Your videos directly reflect your business – and you wouldn’t wear jeans on your wedding day. Take the time to create something thoughtful and strategic that shows your brand in its best light.

Your sales team will be using your case studies the most. They’ll want to move prospects along the sales funnel, convert and make a sale. So get them involved at the beginning. They might not know how to create a video, but they’ll know what your customers want to hear.

We are all about data-driven marketing and sales. So give your viewer something to do: a clear CTA. Because your video should be getting leads, not just entertaining people. (And you’ll know when it’s working.)

“We were seriously impressed by the quality of the case study videos that definition produced for us. The team were highly professional, diligent and enthusiastic. They were a real joy to work with and I can confidently recommend them.”

Emma Izatt, Xero

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