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When you think of corporate videos, what comes to mind?

Probably not fizzy dialogue, gripping storylines and edgy camera angles. Because business has a video problem. They’re usually either dull and vanilla or downright cringeworthy.

So if you’re the brand whose videos sparkle, you’ll stand out from the crowd. That’s what we do: videos people want to watch. Videos people remember. Videos that change minds, fuel action, make a splash, tug at the heartstrings.

To do it, we have to think bigger than the nuts and bolts. Of course, we’ve been in this game long enough to know our B-rolls from our crop factors, but we also know how to find that unlikely story with the potential to catch fire (in a good way). It means asking the right questions, being obsessive about the creative process, and keeping the squishiest of goals in our minds all the way through: emotion. Because if your video doesn’t make people feel something, why make it at all?

Make a video people want to watch

The benefits of corporate video

Your corporate story is an important part of your brand. And telling it can help you generate leads, attract talent, build your reputation, and grab the attention of customers and prospects.

We help you tell your story with video. We specialise in:

Expert corporate video production services

We love video. We’ve been doing it for decades. And hundreds of brands trust us to do it well.

Our production team – which includes animators, designers, producers, directors, strategists, prompt engineers, language experts and more – works with you. From strategy and planning to filming and distributing, we build a video marketing strategy that fits with your goals and KPIs.

We’re a specialist corporate video production agency, within a team of SEO experts, communications specialists, writers and creative marketers, who can all contribute to making your video as exceptional as possible – and to smashing the distribution strategy.

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Meet the team

I’m Sian, the Head of Video at Definition. With a background in sound and music, I’ve spent the last decade shaping and executing strategic video projects for brilliant clients. These days, you’ll find me leading our video department, handling the big picture stuff across video at Definition and overseeing all our productions.

Always with an eye on telling the best story and creating visually incredible content, I look after the production budgets, scheduling, overseeing quality control of our projects, and managing our talented team of producers, designers, animators, editors and crew. I’ve been lucky enough to produce and direct shoots globally, from Switzerland to Singapore. For all sorts of companies, from big names like Google and AmEx to nimble startups.

Things I love? Working with our wider Definition team to define and align brilliant brands, developing creative strategies, problem solving, consulting on all things video, and making our clients’ work look and sound brilliant.

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Our corporate video production process

We don’t just make videos. We make them work for you. We think beyond graphics and characters to make sure your video hits the mark.

1) The research phase

When you brief us, we ask questions, research your competitors, interview prospects, listen on social media and study your brand. All to really and truly understand what you’re trying to achieve.

2) The ideas phase

Then our creatives and strategists get stuck in. They bounce ideas around, play with themes and concepts – from the muted to the mad. At the end of this process, we present the best ideas to you.

3) Bringing your video to life (and delivering it)

Then, we script, storyboard and style frame before delivering the final version. We always make sure to incorporate time for feedback.

Why our clients love us

We make sure the pressure is on us to deliver a video that’s as impactful as it is beautiful. It’s hard work. But it’s why our clients love us.

“Definition was instrumental in building the credibility of WorldRemit as we grew from a start-up to a multi-million pound remittance company. They have excellent media relationships, both in the UK and internationally and are able to spot interesting media opportunities and manage them professionally to delivery.”

Ismail Ahmed, CEO, WorldRemit

“Definition operate with the utmost professionalism and in a very friendly manner. They are approachable, flexible and very clued in to latest technologies and strategies. Highly recommended.”

Dan Joyce Founder, My Mate Your Date

“I only have positive things to say about Definition. We pushed the team hard on timelines to animate a new video explaining what Carfused (part of is and we are really happy with the results. The team are easy to work with, responsive to feedback and love the creativity they bring to the table.”

Matthew Crole Rees, Head of ECRM at

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Our corporate film production tips

Close a deal with a case-study video. Support your staff with a training video. Or raise your profile with a brand video. A clear direction means you know what kind of video you need, what result you’re aiming for, and how to measure your success.

It’s easy to spot bad production. And bad production makes your brand look bad. You don’t need to splash out with a Hollywood blockbuster budget, but creating something great is difficult on a shoestring budget.

Business doesn’t have to be boring. Clever storytelling can bring even the most mundane parts of your business to life. Make your message memorable with an engaging story that keeps your audience hooked and entertained.

We know how important it is to get buy-in from stakeholders. So make sure you set objectives and KPIs and be upfront about budgets. That way everyone is kept in the loop with no nasty surprises.

Making your video beautiful is important. But it isn’t everything. Personalisation, interactive content, call-to-action buttons, music, sound effects, thumbnails and titles. There’s so much to use to tell your story brilliantly.

Nothing gets the blood pumping like a rising view count. But there’s so much more to consider. Where are you losing your audience? How are they finding your video? How are they watching it? All of this data needs be captured, analysed, reported on and used to hone and improve your video marketing strategy.

You’ve added your new corporate video to your website, making it search engine-friendly. Write some transcripts and captions; add metadata and video xml sitemaps. It’ll help boost your website’s SEO and make your videos more accessible.


How long does it take to create a corporate video?

It takes 8 weeks from start to finish.

How much does a corporate video cost?

Upwards of £8,000. Approximately £10,000. It varies depending on style, duration and production value.

How long should a corporate video be?

Roughly 60-90 seconds.

What equipment do you use?

We use the latest kit and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We’ll recommend the best gear for your project.

How do you make corporate video interesting?

We create videos beyond the fluffy and woolly. Our content has guts. We invest time to find the unlikely story, one that’s full of emotion. We are inquisitive story tellers and obsessive creatives.

Do you work internationally?

Yes. We film video projects all over the globe.

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