It’s tempting to buy a cheap animation, but you really do get what you pay for – and sometimes even less. Cheap is cheap for a reason, and it means that corners have been cut somewhere. The average viewer might not be able to put their finger on what’s wrong with the video. They’ll simply register a cheaply-made video as sloppy or unprofessional, but the keen eyes at our video production company catch every inelegant cost-saving measure.

We’ve created a ‘spot the difference’ video so that you too can identify some of the specific differences you’ll commonly spot in cheap videos and how they might differ from the animations and explainer videos that we produce.

You get what you pay for

A cursory Google search will reveal the incredible proliferation of advertisements for cheap animation, and we’ll readily admit that it’s tempting to be lured in by the ‘special offers’. But remember, these animated videos are cheap because very little time and effort is spent on them. That doesn’t just mean low-quality visuals with crude detail, audio and movement – it also often means a tacky marketing concept, the wrong message and poorly chosen hooks or triggers. Ultimately, an animated video is a marketing tool, and its quality reflects on your business.

In the example video we created, we’ve shown what a video might look like if it was done on the cheap. The illustrations are nice, but the animating has been rushed. This is representative of a lot of the cheap videos you see advertised.

We’ve then taken the same clip but added the finishing touches you only get when using a reputable video production company. You’ll notice the more detailed movements, fluid bounces, and appropriate sound effects. These seemingly insignificant differences make a world of difference and show that while cutting corners will save you some money in the short term, it ultimately costs your video.

Choosing the right video production company

Professional video production companies work full time and should have a portfolio of consistent, impressive work. Because these companies insist on producing content to high standards, they may be willing to turn down work where the budget is too low: it’s better not to take a job than to do it poorly. A proper production company will also work with you to refine the video until it’s perfect, whereas with cheap animations you’re stuck with the one-and-done product they produce. We think that this side-by-side comparison makes it clear that quality animation makes all the difference, and quality is worth paying for.

If your company wants an animation with high production values, contact us today.


Written by: Jamie Field, Managing Director