Over the past few years Animation has quickly become one of the leading marketing and advertising tools: no other method can match the freedom and imagination it allows.

3D animation has become especially popular in the past decade: it can be applied to almost any business in almost any industry.

The benefits of 3D Animation don’t just lie in its capacity to attract the viewers to a product or service, it can clearly and creatively present your vision for your company in a visually arresting format. Here are just some of its benefits.

  • It’s a good way to add production value to your video or animation

You can add special effects to a live action film or integrate it in a 2D animation to certainly raise its production value. As the animation all takes place in 3D space, it allows for more complex possibilities such as perspective shifts, particle effects, simulations with effects such as water or fire, lighting and texture.

  • There is added value in repeated animations

Once the 3D models have been built, it’s easy to reuse them in subsequent animations, which ensures that the video can be altered to be both future-proof and editable according to if your requirements change. This will in turn certainly help to save huge amounts of money and time on the project.

  • Certain things are only possible, or made easier, in 3D space

For example, product videos are a great fit. In in 3D space, you can put your virtual camera wherever you want, which means you can spin products around, take them apart and show them from any angle. This level of detail would be difficult to achieve in 2D, and more professional and impressive looking than a live action demo.

  • 3D can be made to look very realistic

With the appropriate budget on board, 3D allows for special effects and realistic textures that can look very realistic. No other visual medium can match the capabilities of 3D Animations when it comes to delivering the perfect product. The super realistic effects will certainly engage a wide range of demographics.

  • Glamour and style

3D is able to create impressive scenes that will leave a lasting impression. A quality 3D animation can create a great sense of movement and scale using a virtual camera that is constrained only by the animator’s imagination. It can fly through cities, through space, under the sea, and above the clouds – and without a single penny spent on helicopters, drones, or anything else you’d require for a live-action production.

Overall the most important aspects to consider when implementing 3D in your animation are to know who your target audience is and how you can make your explainer video as unique as possible so it will stand out more against your competitors on the market. If you need help with all this then it’s worthwhile enlisting the help of an explainer video production agency or animation company just like Definition.