Property technology, or proptech, companies continue to streamline the experience of buying, renting, and managing property, but many potential customers are still unfamiliar with them. Fortunately, a well-made video can introduce these services and the benefits they offer in a concise, effective way. At TopLine Film, we’ve worked with several proptech companies to get their message out to customers. Here are three of our favourite videos we produced for proptech companies.

Purple Bricks

We were really pleased with this character-based explainer animation for Purple Bricks, an online estate agent. The design is bold and quirky, which reflects the company’s personality and brand positioning, and we made a point of using the same actors from their TV ad campaign to narrate this explainer to create consistency across their content.

In addition to the playful characters, we used an abstract user interface to represent the website, which fit nicely with the tone of the video. This video was dynamic and fun, bouncing from scene to scene as soon as the narrator explained each point, so using a simplified representation of the website let us keep momentum. Overall, we think this video works well because it has an abundance of ‘The Three P’s’: Personality, Pace and Production Value.


We made this line-style animation for iMove, who wanted a video to use during investment presentations. One challenge we had to overcome in making this video was that the platform didn’t exist yet. We decided to keep all of the interface elements abstract so the client would have maximum flexibility when it came to designing their site, and – as an added bonus – the video will remain relevant regardless of future redesigns.

Another consideration was that iMove aims to sell its services worldwide. This required us to keep the illustrations of properties simple and generic and not identifiable as located in a specific geography, but we didn’t let that limit our creativity. We think this video was successful because of the clean, modern style and the tight script, which conveys a lot of information in just two minutes.


This video is an oldie but goodie. The pop-up paper style catches the viewer’s attention, and even though the video is 8 years old, it still stands strong. The point of the video was to show how simple and easy it is to use Upad, so we chose a minimal style and walked the viewer through the process step by step to reinforce how straightforward it is to use Upad.

Given the simplicity of the script and animation, we wanted something to elevate the video to the next level. That’s why we decided to splash out a little to bring in a fantastic voice-over – Nick Brimble who played Little John in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. We’re glad we did, because his calm, resonant voice brings a sense of confidence to the video.

If you’re looking for an introductory video for your proptech company – or any other sort of video or animation – reach out to our MD, Jamie today.