It looks like you’re paying for a video, but you’re not.

You’re actually paying for something people will watch.

Video is a no-brainer in any marketing strategy. But, with 86% of marketing pros wielding it as a tool in their campaigns, the market is getting saturated. Thick and fast.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news – don’t shoot the messenger – but this puts you between the devil and the deep blue sea. Basically, you’re doomed if you do, you’re doomed if you don’t.


Unless your videos are better than their videos. BAM!

Quality video sees the best ROI. Fact.

Yes, we all know you can make a video on a shoestring. In fact, you can do it for nothing – just point your iPhone at your subject and hit record. But if you’re on the market for a corporate video production company, you probably want a little more. But maybe you can’t quite articulate what “more” means.

Sometimes when you watch a corporate video you are so drawn in that you can’t think of anything else. Other times it’s just a bit meh….As a layperson you might not be able to pinpoint why Video A is so much better than Video B, but trust us…anyone in the industry will immediately be able to. So when two video production companies quote for your corporate video, and the quotes are wildly apart, that’s usually not because the more expensive one is ripping you off – it’s because they are offering you higher production value – which often means better value.

So here’s a challenge – when you watch a video, look out for these indicators of production value:

  1. Visuals: Pixel-perfect, high-definition visuals across all screens and media platforms: is it too much to ask? Blurry, grainy or shaky footage is a dead giveaway.
  2. Sound: Crystal clear audio suggests high production value. Distortion – voices that are unrecognisable in a sea of loud noise – not so much.
  3. Transitions: A quality video flows seamlessly from shot to shot and scene to scene. If you can feel the transitions, you’re hurting when you shouldn’t be.
  4. Continuity: That moment when you wonder what the hell you missed. When everything isn’t what it was a second ago. Doesn’t happen.
  5. Colour correction & grading: Just like your corporate branding, a quality video looks consistent throughout.

So this is where the more expensive video production company is putting in the extra hours:

  • Understanding the brand identity, creative vision, and project goals.
  • Planning that keeps the project on time, on script and on budget.
  • A whole production team that stays up to date on the newest film-making techniques.
  • Making informed decisions on casting, scouting locations, wardrobe.
  • Investment in the proper equipment to get the job done.
  • The know-how to get the best out of the equipment. Like camera techniques and the use of gimbals, sliders, dollys, jibs, steadicams, drones.
  • Management of nervous interviewees and other non-actors to create authentic scenes, rapport and emotional connection.
  • Legal compliance. This includes image rights and union regulations.

Quality is a strategic decision

High-quality video drives more visitors to your website, leads to higher search rankings, and converts more customers.

But as it happens, we don’t just make videos.

We’re in the trust-building, awareness-spreading, opportunity-creating business. Which we do by creating quality made-to-measure videos.

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