How do you get the whole world to watch your video? Easy. You make it personal for each audience. Video and personalisation are two very effective marketing tactics. Bring them together in a personalised video and your campaign’s ROI will sky-rocket: studies show that a personalised video campaign can increase click-through and conversion rates by up to 1500%.

Sounds great. So, how do you actually make a personalised video? Well, you make the content exclusive to the viewer. This could be anything from specifically mentioning their company, congratulating them on their accomplishments, or calling the viewer by their name.

One of the most memorable (and successful) examples of a personalised video is the Coca-Cola Share a Coke campaign. The strategy was simple: replace the logo on Coca-Cola bottles and cans with people’s names. The videos went viral, created a lot of positive online media noise and helped boost sales.

In the words of Dave Carnegie: “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Personalisation is both exciting and engaging. The viewer feels directly involved in what they’re watching, like it was made just for them. This turns the entire moment into a truly memorable experience.

Make a personalised video for B2B or B2C

Personalised videos can work for a variety of different audiences and uses – it really just depends on what is being marketed. The video can showcase what a company can do for a specific viewer, and talk about the skills and assets it has that they might need. It can advertise an upcoming company event, announce new products or build better brand awareness.

Like Coca-Cola, Cadbury is a good B2C example of personalised video success. The company made a series of personalised videos matching consumers to different kinds of chocolate. This was based on personal customer data – such as profile picture, name, age and location – gathered from the Cadbury Facebook page. Thanks to this campaign, Cadbury achieved a 65% click-through rate and a 33% conversion rate of viewers who completed a subsequent promotion form after watching their own personalised video.

As a leading B2B video company, we use personalisation to attract new business. We send personalised video cards to potential clients. A great deal of research goes into this. We look for the best companies to send the cards to, identify their needs and pain points, and crucially find out who in the company is best to address the card to.

When they open the card, Definition’s head of video production pops up on screen and says “Hi [insert viewer’s name],” and goes on to explain what Definition can do for the viewer’s company. This is followed by three examples of videos Definition has done in the past for similar companies.

The reaction to these personalised video cards has been overwhelmingly positive. Most people are so surprised that it says their name that they want to keep watching and find out what the video is all about. It really does work! When you do it well…

How do you ensure your personalised video is made well?

You have to research your target audience. You can’t get personal unless you know who they are. Gather as much information as possible about the company or person you are trying to reach – this will help keep the content of on point.

The entire process of making a good personalised video – and distributing it successfully – can be an intimidating task. Production can get tricky. A personalised video production strategy really depends on:

  1. How many videos you’re looking to roll out
  2. The level of personalisation
  3. The content

If you’re producing on a mass scale, you’ll need to use something like Idomoo or Photospire. They deal with vast numbers of personalised video rollout (hundreds of thousands) and can manage complex databases. If you’re thinking small-scale distribution, then you can easily self-produce a direct mail campaign – we’ve seen it work!

At the end of the day, we are all pretty self-absorbed humans. We all love to feel important and personalised videos play up to that.

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