Avnet Silica is a semiconductor distributor that supports projects from ideation to production. The company connects customers and suppliers, providing support at every stage of the client journey, from product design to supply chain and logistics.

With a stand booked at electronica 2022 (the World’s leading trade fair and conference for electronics), Avnet needed a video that would be more eye-catching than all the other eye-catching videos. Bear in mind that the show is, ‘the entire electronics universe at a single location.’ Not surprisingly, they needed the WOW factor.

Naturally, they approached us for something a little different.

Two words: Dreamoc Diamond

To be fair, it wasn’t a random approach. We’d just done a damn fine job producing their brand film, which is a mix of live action and animation. Now they wanted to level up with holographic display technology. Imagine superimposed 3D-blueprint line illustrations, like these:


Dreamoc Diamond is a holographic display technology made by Realfiction, a Danish company specialising in mixed-reality solutions. As it turns out, we hadn’t used this hardware before, but we’re always up for a challenge and they had every confidence in us. Also, the Dreamoc team in Germany tutored and tested until before we knew it, we had produced this awesome video:


Thinking inside the box

Thing is, everything from framing and composition to dimensions and export settings is different in Dreamoc. We had to work within the constraints of the tech specs. Another key consideration was the diamond-shaped optics. Free rein to produce a 3D video with lots of environments and design elements? Nope.

The upshot was lots and lots of testing. Only once we knew the test animatics worked, did we produce a storyboard for client sign-off. We prefer not to imagine the nightmare of working on full 3D assets and scenes for them to not work with the Dreamoc tech spec.

Ticking the boxes

The brief was to:

  • create a visually impressive video that would attract new and existing customers to the Avnet stand, impress delegates, and be a conversation starter.
  • showcase the various areas where Avnet is making a smarter, greener and more secure impact, specifically EV charging, smart homes, factory automation, and air quality control.
  • feature 3D/blueprint line illustration style matching the look and feel already set by the animated elements of the brand film.
  • be engaging no matter how many times it runs as a loop, as a loop, as a loop.

And . . . did it work?

I don’t mind telling you that, despite being at the mercy of the hardware requirements,  we over-delivered.

“We asked TopLine to create a holographic video for the Dreamoc Diamond as an eye-catcher on our exhibition stand at electronica 2022. They understood the brief, kept us updated throughout the project and delivered an outstanding video that captivated passers-by. The video demonstrated our technical solutions in an attractive way that engaged our target audience and even made the Bavaria TV news”.

Mission accomplished.