Consumers are pretty keen on video, according to our exclusive new survey of 1,000 internet users conducted this week. They prefer video to text. They watch a lot of video on their mobiles. And they are prompted to buy by video ads.

If there’s a choice between video and text, they will choose video

More than half of consumers (55%) would prefer to watch a video over reading text when they land on a new website.

They prefer YouTube, Facebook and Netflix for watching video online

In terms of where people go to watch video content online, YouTube reigns supreme at 78%. This is closely followed by Facebook at 69% with Netflix and Instagram coming in at 58% and 43% respectively.

They love their phones

While 92% own a smartphone, only 73% own a laptop and 58% own a tablet. And the mobile phone is the most used device for browsing the internet for 65% of consumers, with only 27% preferring their computer or laptop and 8% choosing a tablet.

Over 98% make purchases online with a whopping 69% using their mobile for online shopping, followed by 52% on a computer/laptop and 24% on a tablet.

Social video advertising works

Most people have made a purchase after viewing a video ad on their social feed. 57% have done so after viewing a video ad on Facebook. 49% after viewing an ad on YouTube and 24% on Instagram.

And they want product demos and how-to guides from brands

Finally, we asked our panel what type of video content they want to see from brands they follow and the results were clear: product demos and how-to guides come out on top, followed by event videos (35%) and case studies (31%).

About the research

The survey of 1,000 internet users across the UK, Canada, Australia and the USA was commissioned by video production company TopLine Film and conducted by Pollfish in August 2019.

You’re welcome to use the results in your own marketing content, but please credit us as the original source and link back to our website if you do!