Our corporate video production team is always on the hunt for amazing video content that inspires them. This week, they’ve spent their time curating a list of the best healthcare videos on the internet. Here’s what they chose and why:

Intel – AI in healthcare animation


They said: This video has a lovely animation style. We particularly like the way they visualise data and the flow of movement.

Why is Healthcare Important in Haiti

They said: Beautifully shot and a great example of using b-roll rather than interviews to tell a story. We get way more from seeing the interviewee in day to day activities than we would from a typical off-camera interview.

Future of Healthcare – Roche


They said: A really effective use of motion graphics to convey data and an interesting non-corporate music choice.

I had a black dog, his name was depression


They said: This video is really all about the voiceover. A series of narrated illustrations set to a music track. An extremely effective explanation of what it’s like to live with depression.

Pfizer – We Are One


They said: A thoughtful look at the different employees that make up Pfizer. This diversity and inclusion film highlights their shared goal.

How does Basis work? – Elysium Health



They said: This how-to has lovely sound design and animation style.

CVS Health #onegoodreason – Tammy


They said: This is a really effective anti-smoking campaign video because it tells a very personal story in an emotive way.

The Things We Carry – Stress Health

They said: Beautiful visual storytelling. No need for dialogue in this challenging spot about the health effects of domestic violence.

Prescribe Wellness


They said: Great use of transitions between scenes to maintain pace. We love the 2.5 style.

Memorial Sloan Kettering – Sloan Kettering


They said: A very stylish use of line art combines really well with typography. This is backed by a powerful music track.

UnitedHealth Group – ‘How Can We Help’


They said: Slick animation with colourful character design.

InovaHealth – CME


They said: Great character design and proof that busy frames don’t have to be confusing. Lots of information but presented in a clear way (visually).

Siemens Healthineers – Boosting the clinical routine: MAGNETOM Altea and Lumina with BioMatrix



They said: Interesting use of stock footage and some nice editing. Slightly quirky take on a product video given it doesn’t mention the product until the halfway point.

Johnson & Johnson – Nurses Change Lives


They said: A very emotive story-driven piece that shows the contribution of nurses throughout history.

Sonova – Life without limitations


They said: Part of a series of personal stories of how Sonova’s products have brought hearing to people. Fantastically shot and edited, and very effective given it’s a story of how a product has affected someone rather than a straight up promo piece.

Sonova – Life without Limitations – Hearing experiences at Lake Malawi


They said: Fantastically simple visual storytelling, conveying the company’s message clearly with no dialogue and superb sound design. Very emotive.

Merck – For Mothers – Reversal


They said: Wow. Incredibly creative narrative with powerful message. Very affecting and emotive. Made us cry.

Merck – For Mothers – Push

They said: Another brilliant, emotive video as part of the For Mothers campaign. Excellent example of the power of inter cutting between 3 different stories to highlight a universal experience.

Roche – The Two Lives Of Sara


They said: Creative use of split screen to highlight how early treatment and medication can assist in the treatment of MS. Another example where dialogue isn’t necessary to convey the story.

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