Almost two thirds (58%) of consumers want to receive video content from brands that they follow on social media. In fact, they are just as keen to receive videos as they are to receive vouchers. That’s according to our exclusive survey of 1,000 consumers commissioned by us this week.

And while image ads reign supreme on social media (with 61% of consumers happy to have these on their feed), 47% are happy to view video ads as well (clearly making the case for social media animation).

We also asked our panel what style of video content they want to see from brands they follow on social, and the overwhelming winner was entertaining (67%), closely followed by funny (65%) and informative (56%).

While 66% turn to Google to research something they are interested in buying, a whopping 45% will look at YouTube. YouTube even beats review sites and Facebook.

And it turns out that social video ads drive purchase behaviour too.

About the research

The survey of 1,000 internet users across the UK, Canada, Australia and the USA was commissioned by video production company Definition and conducted by Pollfish in August 2019.

You’re welcome to use the results in your own marketing content, but please credit us as the original source and link back to our website if you do!