How to win at golf always and forever. Amen.

Late, great golfer Arnold Palmer said, “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.”  In other words, everything golf is difficult-difficult-lemon-difficult. But it doesn’t always have to be this way; a discovery we are compelled to share. So we made a video.

We wanted to call it, How To Win At Golf Always and Forever but our client had other ideas. You’ll understand why in a minute.

Lots of golfers spend lots of money on clubs. Which is a loose translation of the stats: UK manufacturers sold approximately 127.8 million GBP worth of golf clubs and golf equipment in 2020 alone.

Expensive business. If only there were another way.

Turns out Golfbidder (said client) is the originator and leading expert in buying and selling pre-owned golf clubs. The brief read like so: “We give our customers access to the best range of pre-owned golf equipment and now, with the new Golfbidder Trade-in Days, we also give the perfect opportunity to upgrade your golf clubs. Because the process differs from any website transactions, we want to give our customers all the information they need before they try out the service.”

In other words, they wanted a how-to video to introduce a new service from a well-known company.

How hard could it be?

If you must know, Golfbidder Trade-in Days work like this:

  • Saunter up to the Golfbidder expert. Show them what you’ve got. Get a price for the club(s) you’re wanting to trade-in or sell.
  • You know those clubs at the pro shop that you’ve had your eye on for, like, forever? Take a better look. (As if you need to.)
  • If you’re happy, make the exchange and pay the difference. Play golf better than ever before.

It’s a simple 3-step process, but . . .

There’s more to it. Isn’t there always?

Besides the what-and-how of the Golfbidder Trade-In Days, “We want to convey that everyone wins, from making the sport more sustainable thanks to less golf equipment landing up in landfills, to feet in the door for your local PGA professional, to the customer who gets money off their new purchase.”

The how to about the how to

In the past Golfbidder had gone with animated explainer videos, but this project needed a big trust factor: show-and-tell with real people in a real place.

Enter The Leatherhead Club. Cue clear skies and perfect light. Follow the script, which had to be short as, but still tell the whole story in a friendly, unrushed way. All hurry up and calm

A real Trade-in Day would have been first prize, but controlling shots would get complicated, not to mention the legalities of who appeared in the video, even in the background. The Golfbidder dudes ran a mock shop; we did mock-shop shots. Also, some nice tracking shots of golfers in their natural habitat, from a hanging-out-the-side-of-a-speeding-golf-cart vantage.

The final product is 90 seconds of how to with the moniker, Golfbidder Trade-In Days are Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy.