Most video projects at TopLine start with reference videos as a means of conveying the types of techniques and ideas that we might use to meet a client brief. Great ideas never emerge out of a vacuum, and every video is the product of its influences. Look cinema, for example, George Lucas’ Star Wars might seem to have little in common with samurai movies, but it borrows much of its structure, plot, and composition from classic Akira Kurosawa films including The Hidden Fortress.


It’s the same with commercial and corporate videos. As a successful video production agency, our inspirations make us as good as we are – and here are ten of our favourites.


Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

A great   use of comedy to take a brand from stuffy and “old” to something more contemporary and shows bags of personality and self-awareness.


P&G – Thanks Mom – London 2012

P&G pulled at the heart strings with this campaign, which has been successful through the winter and summer Olympics since 2008. We’ve got a real soft spot for the London 2012 version in particular.


British Airways – Today, Tomorrow

We love the editing in this video – its excellent use of match cutting and a keen attention to sound design make this BA ad stand out.


Apple – Designed by Apple in California

Fantastic animation from Apple explaining their design process. Its straightforward, elegant visuals are complemented by great sound design. The simplicity gives it a timeless feel.


This Girl Can – Phenomenal Women

This Girl Can and Maya Angelou – what more could you want?! We love this campaign – great message and confident execution.


Kenzo – Spike Jonze perfume ad

Adaptation and Her director Spike Jonze turns his hand to perfume ads – and it’s as strange as you’d expect. More music video than perfume ad, it’s predictably bonkers and a great example of brands taking risks with unusual ideas.


Nike nothing beats a Londoner


Being a Nike ad it’s as, cool and self-aware as you’d expect. The sound design in this is easily overlooked but has some lovely touches – for example, the Ice Hockey reworking of Skepta’s Shutdown that plays throughout. It makes you proud to be a Londoner.


Nike – Serena Williams – It’s only crazy until you do it.

Nike again: this creative ad is simple in its premise but extremely emotive in execution. A brilliant example of embracing archive footage in a creative way.



Apple Homepod – Spike Jonze

Another bonkers Spike Jonze music video masquerading as a commercial, this has the brilliant music track and choreography that we’ve come to expect, but the psychedelic visuals are the main draw in this video. Check out the behind the scenes video to see how this was achieved with only a single visual effects shot.


Amazon – Alexa Loses Her Voice

A cast of celebrities stand in for Alexa after she loses her voice in this irreverent Superbowl commercial from Amazon. Another great example of using humour to connect with an audience.