As budgets get tighter and client expectations get higher, the creative industries are in a state of flux, and the role of the video production company continues to evolve and expand. But that has made things complicated for companies that want to produce a video: should they turn to an ad agency, a specialist video company, or try to do it in-house (surely it can’t be that difficult)? As a video production company, we readily admit that we might be bit biased, but we think that the clear answer is to work with a video production company. Here’s why:

Digital has radically shaken up the market in the past decade, particularly the growth of online video and the need for valuable, real-time brand content. In 2015, the world’s largest advertiser, Proctor & Gamble announced plans to shave half a billion dollars in fees to agencies. And it’s not just P&G – Unilever, Coca-Cola and Visa are also evaluating their spending. This is in large part due to the rise of nimble production companies that can respond quickly and offer the sort of creative expertise that traditional agencies might not have in-house.

The internet has altered the nature of the relationship between brand and customers and it’s pulling apart the creative strategies traditionally conceived of by ad agencies. What does that actually mean? Well, it means that video production companies are now able to offer a full suite of marketing solutions – including strategy, creative, production and distribution all without the need to outsource. Here sees the rise of the mini agency and why you should be working with a video production company.

Video production companies provide an unparalleled hotbed of creativity and give companies access to some of the best talent available to bring their strategies to life. A dedicated video production agency can use its exclusive focus to produce higher quality content, faster than a traditional ad agency. We eat, sleep and breathe video. Video production teams already have the kit, the experience and access to tools like 3D animation and other flashy tools to make your brand stand out.

Video teams also have more experience working on video projects than video departments within a multipurpose agency. This doesn’t mean they’re necessarily narrowly focused, though: our teams have worked in sectors from pharma to fintech and everything in between. We know what questions to ask to keep the project on track and deliver for clients. Why are you making this video? Who is your audience? What is the objective? Where will it go live? We know that it’s essential to have an answer for all of these questions before we take your money.

As a dedicated video agency, we aren’t beholden to a larger company structure like a traditional ad agency. We answer exclusively to our clients and become like an extension of your team to make the best video possible. We learn your business from the ground up, put ourselves in the shoes of your audience, and get to work making exactly the video that you envision.

But why not try making the video ourselves? Everyone has a smartphone these days, and surely it can’t be that hard. This is an easy trap to fall in to, but there’s a reason that people pay good money for professional video production. The difference between a shaky, amateurish, poorly cut together video and a slick, professionally made video is immense. Getting a good result is hard, requiring dozens of interconnected skills and expensive, professional hardware and software. It’s also very time consuming: an already swamped team in your company has no chance of producing the sort of high-quality video your company wants. Hiring a dedicated team, on the other hand, takes all of the pressure off of you so your team can focus on doing what it does best. We handle everything for you and deliver something you can be proud of (and want to embark on again!)

It’s an exciting time to work with a video production company! If you want to talk about what a dedicated video production company can do for your business, reach out to our MD Jamie today.


Written by: Sian Evans, Senior Producer