One of the hardest parts of running or marketing any business is being able to convincingly sell your concept to people. Whether they’re potential customers, partners, investors or just someone you’ve met in the pub, it’s important you explain what your product or service actually is in a way that’s easy for someone who’s never heard of you before to understand and doesn’t take all day to do.

This is especially true for SaaS companies, that offer brilliant solutions to customers’ problems, but that are often quite complex to explain. This often means that a difficult concept has to be explained to the prospect in enough depth for them to understand why your product or service is a must-have. In fact, it can even be the case that the person you’re presenting to doesn’t realise there’s a problem that needs fixing in the first place!

Getting across such complex and in-depth concepts is difficult to do well, and if you’re not doing it right you run the risk of your prospect being disengaged and, or worse, writing your service off for good based on a simple misconception.

This is why more businesses than ever before are using video to sell their idea in an engaging and informative way. For SaaS companies in particular, animation is often the best route to go down, due to the complex subject matter and non-physical concepts being dealt with.

Here are three examples of great animated explainer videos that Definition has produced for some of its SaaS clients recently. If you’re interested in hearing what our experienced video animation production team can do to help your prospects truly realise the benefits of your SaaS product or service, get in touch with an expert B2B technology PR agency today – we film live eventscase study videos, and TV ads as well!



Conversocial’s social analytics and management tools help businesses manage their multiple social media resources efficiently, enabling them to turn dissatisfied customers into brand ambassadors.

For this video, it was decided that the best way to show the viewer how Conversocial’s tools actually work is to show them in action. The sped-up action conveys the ease and efficiency of the system, whilst the accent-neutral voiceover ensures that despite this fast pace the viewer understands what is going on. This creates a far more interesting and engaging video than, say, an operator giving a half hour video tutorial on all of its features.

The latter part of the video uses simple, colourful imagery to highlight how comprehensive this integrated solution is, and how the efficiencies it provides will bring benefits to many parts of a business.



With this animated explainer video, the Upad solution is personalised through the character animations of landlord Steve and tenant Angie.

As most people who’ve let out a room or house can attest, placing the adverts, arranging viewings, drawing up contracts, handing over keys and everything else in between can become complicated to manage, especially if you’re trying to fit this around a full time job.

In response to this, the video aims to put viewers at ease through its relaxing music and pastel colours. The step-by-step guide to how things work laid out in the video conveys an easy and well-managed process, and this is reinforced in the script through language such as “great” and “simple”.

All of this gets across the idea that customers use Upad to take the hassle out what otherwise can be a notoriously stressful process.



Sonovate, the recruitment technology specialists, provide software to help recruiters set up their own recruitment business. By handling a number of back office tasks through Sonovate, recruiters can concentrate on what they do best – recruiting.

This animated explainer video lays out the problems that in-house recruiters might feel are holding them back from going solo. The viewer is presented with Sonovate’s three-pronged SaaS solution that enables recruiters to start up or grow their business from the moment it’s taken out of the (metaphorical) box.

Note the way the customer doesn’t move from the centre of the frame and instead remains in the same spot whilst the world changes around them. In this way the video gets across how easy the product is to use, and creates peace of mind that the business will be in good hands – Sonovate does all the hard work for them!

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