77% of UK adults have an active account with YouTube, with 68% claiming to use the video sharing platform daily, according to a survey we commissioned of 500 UK adults.

While take-up of YouTube was high in all age groups, those in the millennial demographic were the most prolific YouTube consumers, with 71% claiming to visit the platform daily.

Daily YouTube users.

We also asked about time spent on site, and found that those in the Gen Z and millennial groups are spending the most time on YouTube – with 62% and 60% respectively spending more than 30 minutes a day on the platform.

Spends more than 30 minutes a day on YouTube.

“I’m not hugely surprised by this data,” comments Jamie Field, Definition Video’s MD. “YouTube offers masses of content on every subject you can imagine, giving it enormous appeal for people from all backgrounds.

“For companies, YouTube offers an excellent opportunity to reach large numbers of consumers with video content. But not many companies are successfully capitalising on this opportunity. From building engaged communities through powerful YouTube channels to highly targeted advertising, the potential is significant.”

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