How we make videos

In an age where summoning the patience to read anything longer than a Facebook status is outrageously difficult, an interesting, creative video can be the very best way to communicate your company’s message.

Of course, it’s not a matter of just ordering it and hoping for the best; taking your concept and turning it into an engaging corporate video is a fairly involved task.

As a leading video company that’s made over 1,000 videos, we’ve designed a process that works to ensure we always leave our clients delighted.

Pre-production is where you make the decisions that shape your video. Live-action or animation? Long and detailed, or short and sweet? Colour, or black and white?

Once you’ve sat down with our production team and decided which direction you’re going to take, our in-house writers will get started on a script. They collaborate closely with the director to bring your vision to life.

Once you’re happy with the script, we’ll then move on to storyboarding. A storyboard is a collection of still drawings (illustrating the visual feel and narrative of your video).

Because live-action video involves filming real people, places, and things, you’ll need a crew: someone to work the camera, someone to hold the boom mic etc. The size of the team depends largely on your budget: if you want to go all-out, we’d love to work with that; if you prefer to keep it lean, we can handle that too.

Producing an animation is no less complicated. Our team will work on style frames, and if everybody’s happy with them, we’ll create a short preview demonstrating how your illustrations will move. We’ll also send samples of various voiceover artists and music, and create bespoke sound effects in the studio.

The final stage is post-production. Here, we edit your video together using our on-site facilities. We organise the video’s narrative – colour-grade it, perform some routine quality checks, and attach the voiceover, music and sound.

We’ll then provide you with a preview of the final video. Once you’re happy, we’ll send it to you in your preferred format. If more needs to be done, we’ll work together to make the changes you require.

“I only have positive things to say about TopLine. We pushed the team hard on timelines to animate a new video explaining what Carfused (part of is and we are really happy with the results. The team are easy to work with, responsive to feedback and love the creativity they bring to the table.”

Matthew Crole Rees, Head of ECRM at