During the holiday season, B2B companies really get the short end of the stick. Every year, consumer brands weave the narrative that they are the bringers of Christmas cheer, but we know that they do not have a monopoly on creativity or the desire to delight their clients.

Our team has gone out of their way to avoid the typical line-up of John Lewis and Sainsbury’s adverts in compiling this list of the best corporate Christmas videos. Instead, you’ll see a wide range of options that you can mimic when producing your own video, or when discussing your ideas with a video production company.

Happy Holidays from Leeco Steel

Not following the traditional holiday video style, Leeco Steel film their staff eating Hot Sauce to great comical effect. Kudos on the originality and their stomachs of ‘steel’!

Blackstone’s 2020 Holiday Video

The second video we are featuring by Blackstone, this 2020 Christmas video continues in their Office parody style.

Christmas Promo – Excelitas

A great way of celebrating Christmas and promoting your product.

202 Trinity Staff Christmas Video

There are plenty of company Christmas videos where staff sing festive songs, this is one of the strangest!

Funny Office Christmas Video 2020

Another staff singing video, but with some snazzy transitions and lots of tinsel.

Blackstone – Happy Holidays from Blackstone

For fans of the quintessential work-life sitcom, an Office parody, like this one from Blackstone could make you smile.

Corporate Christmas Video – Bank de Binary

A ‘Merry Christmas from around the world’ video where your global teams all chime in – obviously made easier if there’s an opportunity earlier in the year for everyone to be filmed all in one place, but still do-able with multiple locations.

Funny Office Christmas Music Video – Stukent

If you have a particularly bold cast of colleagues, a Christmas lip-synch music video could be the key to recapturing your clients’ attention, like this one from @StukentApp.

Holiday Video Card: Santa Rebrand – ABC Creative

Usually, you want to keep your brand videos to a maximum of about 3 minutes, but if you have the capacity to create a longer narrative, you could do something akin to this creative production agency, which outlined how they tackle rebrands… in this case, Santa’s.

Funniest Christmas Video Ever!! – Compressed Air Equipment

You’ll notice two things that got this video over 7 thousand views: higher production quality, and a very searchable title.

Mohr Imports & Carmel Realty Company Christmas Video

Even if your company’s proposition is somewhat less luxurious than selling luxury cars and beachside real estate, you can still pull together some nice clips of your local area and incorporate a bit of Christmas into your usual business process (e.g. signing on the dotted line). Take inspiration from this video by Mohr Imports and @Carmel_Realty.

“Bad Ideas” Christmas Video – RCP Marketing

Can’t think of any good ideas? You could do a quick compilation of all of your bad ideas, like @rcp_marketing!

Christmas Video – eDreams Odigeo

You’ll need a superstar editor to pull this one off, but you’ll be able to feature each member of your team in an otherwise simple singsong style that highlights everyone’s personality… and doesn’t overwhelm in the length: via @eDreams_ODIGEO.

A Very Merry High Speed Christmas – Bottled Media

Again, a bit of production experience will be necessary for this slow-motion video, but it lets you have a quick bit of fun and, in the case of this video production company, showcase some fun tricks up your sleeve! @BottledMedia

Christmas Bonus Surprise – St John Properties

If your company Christmas party is renowned for its revelry and surprises, you can take a page from this real estate company’s video that went viral: @StJohnProp.

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