Season’s greetings! As we approach the magical holiday season of 2023, it’s time to delve into the enchanting world of TV Christmas adverts that warm our hearts and fill us with festive cheer. Get ready to be captivated by some of our favourite Christmas ads that will grace our screens this year.

These adverts are carefully crafted, each one vying for the coveted title of the most memorable and heart-warming commercial of the season. From delightful storytelling to breath-taking visuals, these ads are sure to leave you feeling the true spirit of Christmas.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into a selection of the most captivating and emotionally resonant TV Christmas adverts for 2023.

(We’ve also listed our fav corporate Christmas videos if that’s your bag.)

KFC: KFT by Mother

KFC nailed their Christmas campaign this year and took an unconventional route. No tears or anything, just a bold and simple approach that shows why they’re the fried-chicken kings.

They launched the world’s first anti-UGC campaign, hilariously giving the finger to all those social media requests asking for turkey instead of chicken at Christmas. They tease us by showing tweets demanding the switch, making us think they might actually do it.

But nope! They cleverly respond with “We saw you, We heard you… We ignored you.” They’ve been frying up the best chicken for over 70 years, so why mess with that? The ad brilliantly captures their confidence and loyalty to their product, and let’s be honest, who’s gonna give up KFC over a turkey? Definitely not us!

Amazon: Joyride by DLMDD

This captivating ad has struck a chord with our hearts. While some may label the storyline as simple, it’s exactly what resonates. We crave relatable characters, unfolding scenes, and emotional tunes like The Beatles’ ‘In My Life’. Amazon cleverly weaves what it is that they are best known for into the storyline – delivering last-minute gifts, reminding us of what sets them apart from the competition. It’s a masterclass in both short-term impact and long-term branding success.

TK Maxx: Festive Farm

The advert perfectly captures the essence of TK Maxx’s Christmas spirit. It showcases the desire to give beautiful and quality gifts while staying mindful of our finances (something a lot of people will be doing this year)!

Alongside the snowy scenes and the catchy tune of Eve and Gwen Stefani’s “Let Me Blow Ya Mind,” this delightful ad reinforces the joy of finding the perfect gift while making a positive impact (in case you didn’t notice, they give a small nod to their Christmas Bear, of which an amount of money is donated from sales to the Princes Trust. TK Maxx’s Festive Farm Christmas commercial truly embodies the spirit of the season and the joy of giving.

Morrisons: Christmas Ad 2023

Name one thing you couldn’t live without on Christmas day – for Morrisons, it’s not Mince Pies or the painful game of Charades you attempt with a belly full of food. It’s oven gloves, yes you couldn’t do Christmas without them. Morrisons has taken a unique approach this year to honour these kitchen essentials. It’s a charmingly bizarre combination of humour and a touch of creepiness, leaving us simultaneously enchanted and slightly unsettled.

Primark: It’s Here by Continuous

A clever Christmas message that resonates with all, whether you’re super organised or leave everything till last minute, you’ll most likely be able to find what you need at Primark for the whole family! Filming it to resemble old video footage evokes a warm sense of nostalgia and the feeling of family, which is what Christmas is all about for many.

John Lewis: Snapper – The Perfect Tree

The Christmas ad that audiences eagerly await for every year but John Lewis has turned their 2023 ad slightly on its head this year and opted for an unconventional Christmas ad. They’ve not gone down the tear-jerker route or decided to tell a story about the true meaning of Christmas, none-the-less it’s memorable.

Asda: Make this Christmas Incredi-Bublé

Now that we have already discovered that everyone’s favourite Canadian Christmas crooner fronts this year’s Asda Christmas campaign, the ad was also directed none other than Oscar award winning Taika Waititi. Acting as ‘Chief Quality Officer’. Bublé swans his way around the store sampling all the new delights Asda has to offer for the season whilst relaying their brand messaging of producing quality for good value.

Lidl: A Magical Christmas

An awesomely animated Racoon plays the lead protagonist in delivering Lidl’s Christmas message this year. This Ad got us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside and celebrates that small gestures can go along away which ties in with the end message to gift a toy to a Toy bank.

Boots: Thank you, Santa by The Pharm / VMLY&R

Who wants flight socks for Christmas? A gift that Santa never knew he needed?! As a mother a daughter head towards the north pole to deliver Santa his Xmas pressie, they gift various passers-by with treats from Boots, showcasing the goodies they have to offer this year. Does an Arctic explorer really need soap? Who cares, it’s Christmas!

Etsy: Your Mission by Orchard

Etsy cleverly taps into the conundrum of what to get someone at Christmas which, let’s be honest most of us always find ourselves in. Running to the theme tune of Mission Impossible, with nice comic timing and relatable gems, this Ad is possible one of our favourites too!

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Written by Sian Evans, Head of Video at Definition