Done right, brand videos are a powerful way to show your company in its best light and make your messages interesting, memorable and useful. But the best brand videos go one better: they have people getting in touch and excited to work with you.

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Producing a brand video all comes down to the right balance of production magic and efficiency. It really doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, the ingredients are the same: a clear message, compelling content, technical flair and a clever distribution strategy.

We have brand video production in our DNA. On the way, we’ve earned our stripes and learned a lot – and we’d love to share some of those lessons with you. So here are our dos and don’ts for producing the best brand videos – with some fun examples thrown in.


Know your message

Want to generate leads, create brand awareness and stand out from the crowd? Great. Video can do all that – but only if you have a coherent brand message, make it really clear and get to the point. Nothing turns a viewer off faster than a video with mixed messages that jumps from metaphor to metaphor.

Watch this video: Chairs Are Like Facebook and you’ll see what we mean – there’s just way too much going on!

Watch the length

The modern video-viewer is not known for a lengthy attention span. Hook them in the first 20 seconds or they’ll literally switch off. And don’t assume they’ll stick around forever after that – no-one will stay with you for ten minutes of waffle.

The good news is you can get people to watch a video about anything if it’s beautifully orchestrated. Take this one-minute Six Cent Press video on…badge making. I guarantee you’ll watch it all the way to the end.

Embrace the unexpected

The best brand videos are authentic, entertaining, compelling – and do something a little different. What can enhance the storytelling? Could you use a voiceover, add some animation or make it a music-driven piece? With a good production team on side, don’t be afraid to think innovatively or push the boundaries. Whatever you do, ditch the standard ‘talking heads’ set-up; it’s seriously overdone and very dull.


Skimp on resources

We know video production is an expensive process. Budget constraints and compromises are an inevitable part of the journey – but don’t cut back on quality. Poor sound, strange colours and pixelated visuals are tell-tale signs of cheap production. You won’t get the viewers you want unless your brand video looks professional – so hire professionals.

Ignore the audio

Sound quality is very often overlooked. In fact, many people think that a sound engineer is a ‘nice to have’ on set, and not an essential. Remember there’s no such thing as ‘fix it in post’. Trust us, poor audio is noticeable to everyone.

The same goes for voiceover: it can really make or break your video. This video by Dissolve shows how captivating and entertaining a great voiceover can be.

Forget the distribution plan

Don’t forget to have a plan for your video! Consider where, when and how you’ll use your video – before you start production. Producing a brand video is an exciting process but people tend to get all caught up in the action and don’t give enough thought to where the video’s going.

Remember, there’s much more to video distribution than just YouTube and LinkedIn. Videos are a huge growth area for brands: they reinforce your identity, boost brand awareness and drive sales. So show them off.

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Written by Sian Evans, Head of Video at Definition

Updated on 02/04/2024