At Definition, we produce loads of CWAP. In fact, we’ve built a really good business around the practice. And we’re pretty steadfast in our commitment to CWAP: if it’s not CWAP, we probably aren’t that interested.

Because for us, Content With A Purpose is the foundation of successful marketing. And any other type of content is really the ultimate reason behind unsuccessful marketing. The internet already has loads of that stuff, and there are millions of agencies, freelancers, ex-journalists, copywriters, designers and developers who would be happy to produce more random content for you for what seems like a reasonable fee – so if you’re looking for cheap, fast content to fill up the gaps in your marketing plan, please don’t come to us. However, if you’re after some real first-class CWAP, we’re the people for you.

What CWAP means to us

 While poor to average content can be churned out at high volume at high speed, great content takes time to produce. And here at Definition we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. That’s why we only produce Content With A Purpose.

Before we embark on any content creation process, whether that’s producing a video, an animation, a blog post, a tweet, an online course or a white paper, we first need to find the why: what is the purpose of this piece of content? Whatever that purpose is (and there’s usually one single purpose), if we know that in advance, then we can use it to guide the decisions we make when we produce that content. If every decision is geared towards our purpose, our content is much more likely to be successful.

But what does that mean in practice?

We thought you might ask, so we have provided some examples:

CWAP Example 1: This blog post

The purpose of this post is to explain our CWAP approach to potential customers who want to know what sets us apart from other video production agencies. It’s kind of like answering a frequently asked question. We’ll link to it from some of our services pages to help give clarity on why our content is usually really successful. Our sales team might share it with a prospect who has shown interest in the subject. And we’ll also make sure every new starter at the company is asked to read it to get them really thinking the Definition way.

CWAP Example 2: Our trailer for the Ultimate PR Masterclass


The purpose of this promotional video is to ensure students browsing Udemy for PR and marketing courses really notice this course above others on the search results page. With this in mind we therefore reviewed the competition and made sure our trailer was more professional, with higher production value and emphasised students’ learning outcomes.

The result? It’s now Udemy’s top-ranked and best-selling PR course with almost 4,000 enrolments.

CWAP Example 3: Our blog about video marketing stats

CWAP Example 4: Truth Coffee case study video for Xero

When our client, Xero, was launching in South Africa, they needed video content that would show small businesses the benefits of using its amazing accounting software – did I mention we are also Xero’s NOF*? So once we knew the purpose of this case study video, we knew we had to create something that associated Xero with this much-admired South African brand, and gave Xero the endorsement that was needed.

The result? A beautiful video and a highly successful launch into the South African market.


CWAP Example 5: G4S explainer video

G4S needed to explain the benefits of G4S Pay to prospects. We LOVED the product – we know from our own experience and those of clients that finding a payments solution that covers all possible payment scenarios is pretty hard. The purpose of this video was to explain the solution to business owners and move them down the G4S Pay sales funnel. Once we knew the purpose, we were able to tap into our expertise targeting small businesses and produce an explainer that takes the viewers through the key features of this state of the art technology.


The result? A stylish product video that helped the client secure a spot in an Innovation in Retail show.

CWAP Example 6: Why NOT to use whiteboard animations


The result? Since we published this piece of CWAP we have managed to convince four potential clients to abandon this method simply by sharing this post with them.

CWAP Example 7: The quality of your video reflects on your brand

When a potential client tries to negotiate us down on our prices, they sometimes use that old haggling tactic of “Ginormous Jokers Video Production just quoted us £1,000 to do this animation, but we really like Definition and want to work with you. Can you match their price?” Now there are many things wrong with this approach, and our knee-jerk response is some version of “If you’re THAT price sensitive buddy, I have a mate on Fiverr who will do it for you for less than the price of a vanilla latte. Would you like an introduction?” But if we are able to bite our tongues, then we usually end up going into a looong explanation of why and how quality matters. So we decided to save ourselves some time by producing a piece of content with the purpose of demonstrating why quality matters in corporate video production. Once we knew the purpose, we were then able to figure out how to create content that served this purpose. So we conducted a piece of research in which we simply asked consumers what they think about video quality.

It turned out (quite helpfully) that the quality of a corporate video reflects very much on the brand. We were able to turn that into a blog post that we can now share with any client that tries this negotiating tactic.

The result? We no longer have to be so rude.

Please call our work CWAP…we’ll love you for it

So there you have it, a decent explanation of why content with a purpose really matters to us. If you love CWAP too then we can help.

*Number One Fan

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