In a world of information overload, promotional animations are the jellybeans of content (stay with me).

They’re bite-sized wonders, which – done right – burst with creativity and distill your message into a single, easy-to-swallow idea to enjoy however, whenever and wherever you are. And they always leave you wanting more.

Thinking about making your very own promotional video? Start by checking out the competition. Get some ideas. See what you like and more importantly, what you don’t like. As a video animation company, we keep an eye on the latest and greatest promotional animations that companies are putting out. Just to make sure you’re one step ahead.

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In the meantime, here are our top five favourite promotional animations of the moment – and what makes them great – to kick start some ideas.

LinkedIn Slider

  • Slick transitions between the different scenes and elements
  • Keeps the character as the focus as we follow the narrative
  • The interaction between the character and the background is well executed
  • The colour palette, pace and illustration style make it feel friendly and approachable

Microsoft Diverse

  • Love the textures, especially on the close-ups
  • Perfect use of match cuts (a direct transition between two or more similar shots) as well, it really adds to the pacing
  • It feels like a 2D motion design video in 3D with the simple shapes and the way it’s animated
  • Well executed sound design – the sound effects pair perfectly with the visual movement.
  • Super clean logo transition at the end

Google Space

  • Seamlessly shifts between 2D and 3D
  • Attention to detail on the close-ups of the buttons, so they look like blocks that fit together
  • There’s no voiceover – and you don’t miss it
  • Love the soundtrack, engaging and mirrors the mix of 3D and 2D
  • The mix of flat and 3D styled motion elements keeps up the pace, makes it super dynamic and really showcases all the different features of Google Space


  • Nostalgic vibes with the stop motion style
  • Everything is well timed to the music
  • To the point – it does the job in just 14 seconds


  • The gorgeous ‘clay’ textures make it feel like real stop motion animation
  • Great use of colour that’s super on brand
  • A practical but creative way to show product testing as a lab rather than just bog-standard data and stats
  • Fun to watch – and memorable!

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Sian Evans Screen 3

Written by Sian Evans, Head of Video at Definition.