The best British sound recordists

As a video production company that has made thousands of videos, from animations to live streams, corporates and commercials, we know what a huge difference a sound recordist can make to the final production. That’s why, when it comes to soundies, we like to use the best in the industry. So here is our listing of the UK’s best sound engineers.

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Lorenzo GrippoSound RecordistLondon
Greg “The Sound Farmer”Sound OperatorLondon
Julian WilsonSound OperatorLondon (Croydon)
Sean PlunkettSound OperatorLondon & Dublin
Simon HaggisSound RecordistLondon
Alex PurkissSound RecordistLondon
George ThompsonSound RecordistLondon
Louis BonifaceSoundLondon
Luke HollingworthSound RecordistLondon
Kevin MeredithSoundBristol, Cardiff and London
Rob KingsburySoundLondon

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