Best British camera operators

No corporate video production company would be complete without a trusted black book of the best crew in the industry. And we know that the cameraman or woman can make or break a shoot. So we have compiled our own database of the best freelance camera operators.

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Steve MossLondonSteve Moss
Sam StevensGloucesterVimeo – Sam Stevens
Alex GoochBrightonPurple Door 
Ivan WoodLondonIvan Wood
Ben PollardLondonBen Pollard 
Adam MooreLondonStraight Up Grizzly 
Rich CorneliusLondonRC
Sam CordellBrightonSam Cordell
Kit DaleLondonKit Dale 
Adam KirbyLondonKirby Films 
Bernard AusemsAmsterdam, NLBernard Ausems
Josh BamfordLondonJosh Bamford
Joe HofmannLondonJoe Hofmann

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