One of the hardest parts of running or marketing any business is being able to convincingly sell your concept to people. Whether they’re potential customers, partners, investors or just someone you’ve met in the pub, it’s important you explain what your product or service actually is in a way that’s easy for someone who’s never heard of you before to understand and doesn’t take all day to do.

This is especially true for SaaS companies, that offer brilliant solutions to customers’ problems, but that are often quite complex to explain. This often means that a difficult concept has to be explained to the prospect in enough depth for them to understand why your product or service is a must-have. In fact, it can even be the case that the person you’re presenting to doesn’t realise there’s a problem that needs fixing in the first place!

Getting across such complex and in-depth concepts is difficult to do well, and if you’re not doing it right you run the risk of your prospect being disengaged and, or worse, writing your service off for good based on a simple misconception.

This is why more businesses than ever before are using video to sell their idea in an engaging and informative way. For SaaS companies in particular, animation is often the best route to go down, due to the complex subject matter and non-physical concepts being dealt with.

Here are three examples of great animated explainer videos that Definition has produced for some of its SaaS clients recently. If you’re interested in hearing what our experienced video animation production team can do to help your prospects truly realise the benefits of your SaaS product or service, get in touch today.




This 3D animated video for Agilitas is slick and impactful, presenting Agilitas as a professional business who can help their customers with whatever they need. The triangular shapes in various colours which feature heavily in their logo, are used liberally throughout the animation. By making the brand an integral part of the visuals, it ends up marrying perfectly with the voiceover content. The constantly moving 3D camera gives the video a great sense of motion and dynamic range.


RSM: Tailored Thinking


This video is visually very different from Agilitas. It makes use of very flat, minimal lines on a simple flat backdrop. What they do have in common together however, is the adherence to the brand. RSM uses a clean brand, and this style of video suits it perfectly. The simple visuals give a very clear and simple breakdown of the services RSM are able to offer, and the white lines drawing in make it feel seamless and effortless. The three different colours allow us to break the video into three different sections, and cover a great range of topics. The colour shifts allow us to signpost that we’re moving on to a different topic now, almost like the video version of a header!


Purple Bricks


Purple Bricks want to be approachable and informal more than anything, and so a quirky, character-based animation is a perfect fit for their business. Characters often add the personal touch, and add a lot of, well… character! The happy colour scheme keeps a lot of purple integrated into their visuals, as per their brand. It also makes use of a great variety of backdrops and scenes, whilst also showing their service in action. There are visuals of iPads, desktops and phones – showing that the Purple Bricks service is versatile on various different platforms!