Zero100 is committed to helping organisations develop equitable, sustainable supply chains. So when they needed a video to introduce some of the new concepts they are bringing to the supply chain world, we knew an explainer animation would do the job perfectly.

The company needed a teaser video to describe the valuable content, connections and research it offers to inspire global operations leaders to reimagine the future of supply chains. And they needed it ASAP.

Our team immediately got stuck into learning about how supply chain management can impact everything from customer satisfaction to the environment to the company’s bottom line, and to understanding Zero100’s vision of a zero percent carbon, 100 percent digital supply chain. Our script writers distilled what they had learned into a script that simplified the concept for a broad audience. Once Zero100 was happy with the script, our illustrators produced a storyboard before the project moved on to our animation team.

Working with Zero100, we chose a montage/cut-out style that stands out compared to other content in the supply chain space. This worked perfectly to incorporate their existing bold brand assets and look and feel. We adapted a traditional style to make it more contemporary and sophisticated. We would usually discourage our clients from voicing their own videos, but Zero100 had a few compelling reasons for taking this route: they had other content voiced by this individual, the execution was good, and it offered internal consistency.

We managed to turn this project around in record time. You can watch it here, or on Zero100’s website:


Our Head of Production, Sian, loved working with Zero100: “They came to us with a clear direction, an appetite for creativity and drive to work together to get the project done on time. We loved learning about supply chain management, working with the team at Zero100 and we are really proud of the result.”

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