There’s no escaping the fact that AI is rapidly transforming the way content is produced. From deepfakes to text input and full-scale video generation, AI tools are part of a big shift.

The world of AI-generated video is still relatively new. But while some examples just look, well, weird, others might surprise you.

We’ve picked out some of the best and strangest videos that have been either produced entirely by, or with the help of AI. (We even used our very own AI tool to narrow the search.)

1. Sunspring: A Short Sci-Fi Film

Real performers, real crew, AI screenwriter. Jetson was the AI brainchild of Ross Goodwin, a technologist, and his filmmaker collaborator, Oscar Sharp. The duo fed Jetson with data from a science fiction filmmaking contest, and waited to see what it would produce… then they shot and edited the film in 2 days, with Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch in a starring role.

The results? 9 minutes of pure sci-fi comedy: Sunspring is nonsensical content delivered and produced with absolute sincerity.

2. The Crow – An AI Masterpiece

A haunting work of art made by Glenn Marshall, who used a film of a dancer mimicking a crow as a prompt for AI. The result is a mirror version of the original film, featuring a shapeshifting crow that matches the dancer’s every move. It’s a brilliant idea, and deservedly won the Jury Award at the Cannes Short Film Festival.

3. Dalí Lives – Art Meets Artificial Intelligence

Over 30 years since his death, Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí is still a celebrated yet controversial cultural figure. He famously said he’d never really die, and looks very much alive in this deepfake video on display at the Dalí Museum in Florida as part of their Dalí Lives exhibition.

It’s been generated with archive footage of the artist combined with real footage of an actor. Most people would say there’s a true likeness, except for a couple of small glitches. We might think about what this work says about the future of artistic practice. And it’s important that we think about the potentially negative impacts of deepfake technology. But wow this is impressive.

4. The Frost by Waymark

Every frame of this 12-minute film, set in the icy Antarctic landscape, is generated by AI. While the script for The Frost was written by a human – namely executive producer Josh Rubin – the impressive yet bizarre visual style takes centre stage. It doesn’t feel like we’re quite there yet with producing cinema-worthy generative video, but this is an important example of what’s to come.

You can read more about the process of creating The Frost here.

Written by Jamie Field, MD of video at Definition