Introducing our new database of British voice over artists

Find the list of the Best British Voice Over Artists.

When it’s done properly, voice over is one of those parts of a video that most viewers don’t consciously notice – but it can make all the difference. It subtly gives your project personality and confidence, and the viewer can dedicate their attention to what is being said. Nervous, fuzzy, voice overs with the speaker too far from the mic, on the other hand, are incredibly distracting and can really detract from your brand image. That’s why it’s important to invest in an experienced professional voice over artist.

But how do you find a voice for your project? These days, anybody with a cheap microphone can call themselves a voice over artist, but using this self-proclaimed voice talent is the fast-track to disappointment. Google hasn’t started indexing voices or categorising voice over artists by professionalism (…yet), so it has been a frustrating process of trial and error – until now. In the course of our work on more than 500 corporate videos each year, we’ve encountered countless talented and hard-working voice over artists, and we’ve compiled an internal list of standouts. Now, we’re excited to make that list available online, for everybody to use, making it easier than ever to find the perfect voice for your project.

While our list doesn’t find the right voice for you needs – that’s a creative decision – it does make it easy to narrow your search to just the top-notch professionals. Our database links directly to their websites, and lets you know if they have a home studio, so you can spend more time auditioning and less time weeding out amateurs. Once you’ve found the right voice over artist for your needs, you can also check out our existing databases for marketing awards and corporate video awards.

If you’re looking for a professional video production company to handle everything from sourcing talent to filming, animation, and post-production, contact our MD, Jamie.