Consumers love to share videos with their friends, colleagues and families. In fact, our exclusive survey of 1,000 web users revealed that 61% like to share videos – more than news stories (50%), research (28%), vouchers (24%), competitions (21%), advice guides (19%) and infographics (16%).

But we also asked people what they find most annoying about video ads on social media. And here’s what they told us:

Pop-up ads drive us insane (54%)

Yup, if you really really want to annoy your customers, get into pop-up advertising. It topped our ranking of the most annoying things about social video advertising.

Don’t bombard us with your ad (42%)

While consumers don’t mind receiving video advertising on their social feeds, 42% get annoyed when they see the same ad again and again.

Don’t show me irrelevant ads (42%)

As well as seeing the same ad too often, consumers are irritated when the content advertised at them is irrelevant. It’s relatively easy on most social platforms to accurately target based on interests and demographics so there’s no excuse for getting this one wrong.

Don’t mislead me (40%)

40% of our panel reported that misleading ads really do make them mad. Don’t trick your user into clicking on your ad by pretending they’ll get to see a video of kittens playing with puppies.

Urrrggggh we get so frustrated by those unskippable pre-roll video ads (39%)

You know when you’re trying to watch that 28 second panda sneeze clip on YouTube, but you first have to sit through 90 seconds of advertising for a team management app – just show me the mommy panda freaking out when the baby panda sneezes please!

Don’t shove rubbish in my face (31%)

Poor quality ads really get under the skin of 40% of consumers. And remember that our research has shown that the quality of your video is a reflection on your brand, so those cheap, pixelated, grammatically incorrect, stock animation ads will do double the damage to your business.

Don’t embarrass me with your autoplay (31%)

Consumers want to be able to sneak a look a their social feeds when they probably shouldn’t be – in a lecture, while having lunch with a boring friend or in an open plan office. Don’t catch them out with autoplay ads with the sound on!

Don’t make me turn the sound on (19%)

In fact, when it comes to sound, a small minority (19%) want their video ads not to have any.

Don’t be a creepy stalker (13%)

We were quite surprised that only 13% of our panellists are bothered by ads that are relevant to their previous online activity. So, dear marketer, remarket to your heart’s content!

About the research

The survey of 1,000 internet users across the UK, Canada, Australia and the USA was commissioned by video production company Definition and conducted by Pollfish in August 2019.

You’re welcome to use the results in your own marketing content, but please credit us as the original source and link back to our website if you do!