Turns out that dreaming is a hands-on process and, before you know it, you’re miles from where you started . . . in the best way. Like, start with the humble combustion engine and the next minute you’ve got a jet engine.

In this film, Honda steers clear of the usual slick-and-sexy approach to filming cars and engines, and takes us back to the drawing board. They get it all down on paper.

This is how you go the distance . . . wherever it may take you. This is the power of dreams.

Um. This is how we see it.

  • It’s back to basics: But far from simple. This film is a feat of teamwork, precision and creativity, involving thousands of hand-drawn images. No really, thousands.
  • It’s personal: We love that the animators also include their hands as part of the story.
  • It’s  all connected: As the story flows, one thing is crystal, keep dreaming and things will happen. Just so happens that that’s what the Honda brand is all about: the Power of Dreams.
  • It’s engaging:  Nothing ho-hum here. Stop animation Sis a clever and effective creative decision. It’s storytelling at its best with the animators taking liberties by adding some fun extras like the giant octopus. What giant octopus?
  • Wow! The sound is so clear: The use of foley is spot on. Every sound is crisp, bold and carefully placed, from subtle changes of engine sound to in-car radios and paper flipping. And, of course, powerful moments of . . . anticipatory silence.
  • It’s a true work of wonder: The commitment required to produce something this beautiful is, in a way, a creative representation of Honda’s decades of engineering work. Once you’ve soaked in the sensory goodness of “Paper”, check out their “Making of” film too.