To celebrate World Space Week we asked our team of corporate video production, science and engineering geeks to select their favourite space videos. Here’s what they chose:

The Man who Owns the Moon

They said: A great music choice and a goofy visual style helps to tell the preposterous story of the man who sells real estate on the moon. Possibly.

Voice Over


They said: A French narrator jumps from one dramatic scene to another one, unable to quite tell the story of an astronaut correctly in this witty and visually stunning short film.

Celestial Dynamics


They said: This clever and quirky short animation uses a striking classical graphical style to elegantly present a journey across the stars and heavens.

ROG – Newton in Space


They said: Music, voiceover and animation all come together beautifully to present this lovely 2D animation illustrating Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion for schools.

BBC – Genius Behind – Landing On A Comet



They said: A fascinating and beautifully made short film focusing on the team that made the Rosetta space mission possible. Smart use of music and soundbites keeps the viewer riveted to the end.

FORMS IN NATURE: Understanding Our Universe

They said: Gorgeous retro 3D animation and clever use of split screen, match cuts and other visual magic make this film about scientific study and understanding an absolute must-see.

Planet OS Explainer


They said: Not strictly a space film, it does make great use of the visual language of the celestial and the astrophysical. Cool but complex retro-graphics make the animations really pop.



They said: Stunning imagery taken from the International Space Station and painstakingly enhanced and matched with an off-kilter soundtrack make this extraordinary visual feast a trippy and breath-taking experience.

How Big is the Universe?


They said: A gorgeous cartoon style animation helps to show us the expanding nature of the Universe and how this affects the light reaching us from distant galaxies, some of which will remain forever hidden from our view. Fun and funny, it was made for schools, but will resonate with any age.

Astronaut – A journey to space


They said: Aiming to show what an astronaut sees from space, this filmmaker combined new and dynamic shots from space at a fast speed (after all, the ISS travels through space at 28,000km/hr!).

Space Travel According to John


They said: A brief but cute animation describing the possibilities of space travel, from the viewpoint of a schoolboy.



They said: Using a combination of original and historic B-roll footage, this short nostalgic video relays the history of space, and how it relates to our lives on earth.

The World Outside My Window – Time-Lapses of Earth from the ISS


They said: This video is what it says on the tin: Time-lapses of earth from a window of the International Space Station, and it is incredible to watch.


They said: Longer than most on this list, this film takes you through the history of the Voyager expeditions, which set out to explore the giant outer planets of our solar system in 1977, from the project’s inception, through to today. A fascinating watch!


They said: Created for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), this inspirational and informative film focuses on the last months of the Cassini/Huygens mission to Saturn, using beautiful computer-generated animation to celebrate all that this historic spacecraft has achieved.

Sputnik-2 or: Laika, Our Hero


They said: Told from the point of view of Laika, the dog sent into orbit by the Soviets in 1957; the narrative is gripping and you’ll see why it won the Webby for best science and education video in 2018.

The Pale Blue Dot


They said: Made as a part of a final class project, this animated video utilises many different styles of video to tell the story of our planet


They said: One woman’s path to the cosmos is chronicled using a detailed narration, and a series of scenes animated in 3D.

This list has left us feeling small and insignificant too. But Ground Control to reader – there’s still work to be done. If you want to stun your audience into speechlessness, why not contact our MD, Jamie, for your next video project?