We asked our team of video production pros – animators, editors, directors, producers and camera operators to curate a list of the best proptech videos on the web. Here’s what they found:

Schwaiger Home Automation


They said: Lovely bright hand-made aesthetic with crackling sound effects – so much fun to watch.



 They said: Nice use of actual product with animated environments.

Track My Move


 They said: Interesting animation art style keeps the eye on focused with this short film.


 They said: Wonderful creative concept matched with fun execution.

Hive Active Heating


 They said: Lovely sparse animation style matches perfectly with a song written for the product.


 They said: A simple visual idea executed well matched with a strong music track.


 They said: Silly and fun, gets the point across quickly, Derek.



 They said: A simple animation style belies the art of getting a complex idea across quickly.


They said: Simple shape based visuals matched with great sound effects make an effective combination in this short promo.


They said: A strong music track underpins this film, where they let the incredible tech do the talking.

Microsoft Traina


 They said: Lovely bright colourful visuals prove the star of this show.

Interactive Lab team


 They said: More amazing technology on display here, really selling the concept


They said: Lovely little 3D animation, witty and succinct.


 They said: Nice hype reel style film for the launch of Airbnb Adventures. Nicely cut and great sound design and globetrotting locations.



 They said: Simple, traditional approach, nicely executed.

Opendoor Realty

 They said: Nice stock footage example.


 They said: Nice use of humour in this video.


 They said: Simple storytelling but effective because of the personal touch it conveys


 They said: Beautifully shot and edited, underpinning a very inspiring piece of technology.

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