Across the United Kingdom there is currently a major shortage of people working in care. This has been caused by a number of factors including Brexit and the pandemic. But there is also a stigma attached to working in care, with many care workers seeking employment elsewhere.

Since the pandemic, the need for people working in care has increased dramatically, which is why Central Bedfordshire Council commissioned a recruitment film to help generate interest in the care industry in general and also applications for jobs.

We knew we needed to showcase both the human benefits of a job in the care industry and the career progression opportunities for care workers, and so we decided to take an interview-based approach.

We had worked with CBC before and our team (a director and a camera operator) spent the day at a care home and interviewed people within different roles. These included front line staff who support residents one on one every day, to managerial staff that help develop staff and run care homes.

The video captured honest and emotional interviews – we wanted to showcase careers in care as fulfilling and meaningful and the interviewees didn’t disappoint – it was obvious that these people love their jobs and are proud of the impact they have. It was a delight to work with them.

We shot the film handheld so we could be nimble throughout the day, capturing the special moments between staff and residents. The b-roll sequences work nicely in slow motion, so we can highlight the interaction between residents. As well as the main film, we also created 3 short social clips which would be used in targeted social recruitment campaigns.

You can watch the film here – we hope it piques your interest in a career in care.