No production company is an island. At Definition, we have a considerable amount of talent in-house, but we rely on freelancers for many projects – sometimes for a bit of support while someone’s away on annual leave, sometimes to bring a level of expertise that we don’t necessarily have to hand.

This National Freelancer Day, we wanted to celebrate the people who’ve helped us make some of our best videos. Here are just a few!

Freelance Directors

Grant Fulton

Grant is an energetic, experienced, and charismatic director, one who’s a joy to watch on set. Perfect for creative shoots.

Freelance Camera Operators

Ivan Wood

Ivan is a very experienced camera op who’s always up-to-date with the latest camera tech. Whether it’s for work or for pleasure, he can usually be found shooting something. Lately he’s focused on drama and commercial work, but he’s still available for corporate projects.

Fun fact: his dad was the brains behind that famous slow-motion scene in The Matrix. You know, the one where Neo does the freaky back-bend thing.

Paul Murray

Another great camera op, Paul has a keen eye for composition and is very passionate about how sets and scenes are lit.

Alex Gooch

A calm and collected presence on location, Alex gets great shots and is a pleasure to work with. He has collaborated with broadcasters such as Reuters and ITN Productions, as well as global organisations like Microsoft, Amcor and Abbvie.

Josh Bamford

Josh is creative, fun to work with, and a recent-award-winner – check out his documentary film!

Freelance Sound Recordists

Alex Purkiss

A force of unbridled positivity, Alex is as skilled as he is nice (very, on both accounts). Because of this, he can be quite hard to pin down. If Alex has a window open, grab him while you can.

Anthony Arghyrou

Another sound recordist we use regularly, Anthony is super friendly, super talented, and always a pleasure to have on a shoot.

Julian Willson

You might have seen Julian’s work already: his recent sound projects include shows such as One Born Every Minute & Gogglebox, to name just a couple. He’s frequently found cracking jokes on location.

Freelance Editors

David L. E. Davis

Super organised and super fast, David is a superb editor with a keen attention to detail. He also has a great sense of humour, and is definitely not the former Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.

Andy Cardy

A highly experienced, personable, flexible and collaborative editor and motion graphics designer, Andy has worked with a variety of clients in the corporate and broadcast industries – including Barclays, Bentley, HSBC, KPMG, LV=, Network Rail, North One TV, Shell and Sky.


Freelance Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

Chris Chalken

A super talented visual effects and motion graphics designer, Chris can add a little pop, oomph, or whatever other comic-book noises you favour to your production.

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