Video is the current marketing media angel, miraculously converting tepid audiences into true-blue customers. Everyone who is anyone is busy trying to commission the best corporate videos faster than you can say ‘President Trump’ but let’s be honest, the results are not always up-to-scratch.

Some videos though, are just brilliant. Before embarking on your own corporate video adventure, check out these inspiring productions.

Dollar Shave Club

Described as ‘comically violent’ this video has converted a hairy hipster or two with its sharp (yep) and honest message. It’s not pretending to be anything it isn’t and makes sure you get exactly what it is. It features founder Michael Dubin, and uses comedy throughout alongside some clever scripting and great steady shots following him through the world of Dollar Shave Club. This year the company was acquired by Unilever for $1bn. Comedy wins.

FMC Technologies

We think this is one of the most effective recruitment films we’ve seen to date. It even made us want to work in the oil and gas industry. Kinda. The story is to the point, honest, and goes hand in hand with some great shots. Real employees give it an authentic voice and some impressive tension keeps the audience hooked to the end. The sound design really makes the difference.


No dialogue, just video and a tinkling of music to carry it all together. The story is strong and moving, cleverly engaging the audience’s emotions from start to finish. The production design is great too.

Squatty Potty

Is this even real?!

It is.

It’s a real product. You can really buy it. And yes, it’s a genuine solution for those who struggle to poop. This video is weird and funny. Animatronic unicorn sidekicks, ice-cream, and a sparkly stool or two. It’s a…solid reminder that a bit of silly never hurt anyone. Genius.

Terry Tate Office Line-backer

Ok, so quick disclaimer – this video is not actually from 2016 but we just had to add it to the list. Watch it and we dare you to tell us it doesn’t deserve to be here. People like to laugh. If you’ve got the balls, add some humour to your corporate mix. This video was downloaded more than seven million times from Reebok’s website and despite that we didn’t even realise the ad was for Reebok, what it does prove is the success of the comedy narrative and character gimmick to gain attention.


The design is immediately recognisable and simplicity is key here. The illustrative style and simple sound design work perfectly together. It’s clean, clear, concise and on-brand. Lovely.


A slightly more traditional corporate, here we follow a day in the life of Oscar – an employee at FleetAhead. Great script and voiceover, slick motion graphics, pretty shots and a beautiful grade make this video stand out for us. We added this one just to prove to you that no matter how dry you might think your brand is, a good corporate video can bring it to life. This may sound a little heavy-handed but the truth is, every brand has a story to tell.

Google Education

This really does tick a lot of boxes. 2D, Abstract, UI, Character. It also has no voiceover, but the message is clear. Well done Google.


Feeling inspired by our list of the best corporate videos? As soon as you’re ready, get in touch with our head of production Jamie and we’ll make sure you get a video that’d fit well in the above list.