As a B2B PR Agency and video company, we often need to bring in freelancers for specialist projects. That’s because we like to work with the best people in their fields. We have worked with freelance PR professionals, animators, producers, directors, camera operators, editors, finance and new business specialists.

If you’re looking to freelance for us across our PRcontent marketingSEOvideo production and animation services, keep reading to find out how we work with our freelancers and how you can help us.


We treat freelancers (and all suppliers) with respect

If you make people feel respected, they’ll respect you in kind. We like to think that we make anyone who works with us feel this way – including our freelancers. We make it a priority to have good working relationships with everyone we work for, and make sure to treat our freelancers like a part of the team.

At Definition, this means that we’ll communicate the good (and the bad) quickly and, most importantly, we’ll pay you on time. We know how horrible it is to chase a client for money and we won’t make you do it.

How can you help us?

If you can work hard and represent our brand, avoid misrepresenting yourself, and stick to the terms of our NDA, you’ll be off to a good start.

In order for us to pay you on time, please submit your invoices on time. All we ask is that you help our bookkeeping team out by submitting your invoice for the month within five days of month end. Please always date your invoice in the month in which the work took place.

How to get on our freelance database

If you’d like to freelance for us, please send your CV and/or showreel to