A great corporate video producer.

We asked our panel of corporate video production experts to define the job. And what all the best producers have in common. Here’s what they told us.

What does a corporate video producer do?

Imagine an orchestra without a conductor – that’s a video team without a producer. The corporate video producer is a broad and varied job. They coordinate and manage everything behind the scenes, be it an explainer animation, internal comms video or a training video.

They weave together all the elements of a production, from clarifying the brief to managing the budget, sourcing talent and specialists, and ensuring the whole process runs smoothly. It’s a balancing act and it takes a unique mix of skills to get it right.

What makes a great video producer?

A really stand out video producer is:


The producer coordinates between the client, freelancers, creatives, talent (or actors) and finance. It’s a lot of plates to spin and it needs a real ability to multitask and respond to changing circumstances. Things never go completely to plan on a shoot and it’s the producer’s responsibility to anticipate where something might go wrong and be ready with a fix for the problem.


The buck stops with the producer. That means that they are accountable for the success or failure of the production. They need to be able to handle that level of responsibility.


The corporate video producer needs to guide the client through the production process. They need to be able to build rapport with the client, giving them confidence that they are in good hands and that their money is being well spent. This intangible skill means they need to be friendly and professional at all times.


Any video production has a lot of moving parts. There’ll usually be some sort of conflict – you might get insane requests from clients, or high maintenance freelancers who need their creative egos managed. The best corporate video producer can manage these diplomatically and help to find a solution that works for everyone.


One of the biggest challenges is that the client will start with a very loose idea of what they want and it will be down to the producer to turn that that into a fleshed out brief that the production team can work from. It’s tough. And you need to be able to understand the client’s objectives and turn them into key focus points for the shoot.


It helps if the producer has an understanding of the whole production process. They don’t need to be a seasoned camera operator or professional editor, but some practical experience goes a long way. The producer needs to be able to understand the perspectives of all the people involved in bringing the video to life.


It can be challenging at times and the producers who are best able to adapt to those challenges are the ones who love what they do. A good producer really cares – they will go above and beyond to fix something that isn’t quite right.


It’s rare for a producer to only work on one production at a time. They will usually be dipping in and out of projects and having to juggle lots of clients. That means they need to be able to adapt quickly to changes and prioritise work under often near impossible circumstances.


While the producer isn’t solely responsible for the end result, having the vision to tell inspiring stories or bring in fresh visual aesthetics keeps them a cut above the rest. In fact, creativity is one of the most highly valued skills in the role.


The world of video production is always changing, with new advances in technology and software that can enhance production value. Whether it’s using AI to enhance scripts or exploring the latest 3D design techniques, a good producer will be constantly exploring new avenues – striving to stay one step ahead and give their videos the edge.

Financially savvy

While being creative is important, so is having a decent grasp of the cost of a production. The corporate video producer will need to be able to run a video budget, identify areas of risk and forecast profits.


The producer role is undeniably tough, but at Definition we’re proud to say that we’ve got a team of the industry’s finest, each committed to elevating your brand’s story through the power of video.

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Written by Sian Evans, Head of Video at Definition.

Updated by Rebecca Rappaport, Video Producer, at Definition, on 23/04/2024