When it comes to fashion, what we think looks good in reality, doesn’t always pack the same punch on camera. One thing is for sure though; whether you’re having your photograph taken or being filmed, you need to be ‘camera-ready’!

Our video team have put together a handy list of do’s and don’ts for so, you can be prepared for whenever you do find yourself in front of a camera.


  • Avoid  wearing  fine patterns  –  Pinstripe, small check or polkadot for example. These cause issues with strobing when filming. Be aware of  textures  on all items of clothing. Things like wool and corduroy are not camera-friendly. Incidentally, things like corduroy are also not fashion-friendly. Just in case you’ve got a date tonight, or if you’re going to the opera or something. You’re welcome.
  • Avoid white  items of clothing. They look way too bright on camera.
  • Avoid  large  brand  logos/labels.  Something small and discreet is fine, but you don’t want people to mistake you for a Nascar driver.
  • Do aim for  strong bold  colours, pastels and  earthtone  colours which look great on camera.  If you’re being filmed against a particular colour background, don’t wear that same colour. For instance, if you’re stood in front of a green screen, the last thing you want to have on is a lovely green shirt…you’ll look like a floating head.


  • Avoid wearing glasses  if you can help it. They have a nasty habit of reflecting the lights. If you’re Mr. Magoo without them, it can be worked around…
  • Use contact lens or anti-glare glasses if you’ve got them.   
  • Avoid large chunky or sparkly  jewellery  as they can might reflect light into the camera; get in the way of your microphone and distract the viewer.  No amulets or pendants, no  Flava Flav clock chain, no grills.


Ultra high-definition is both a blessing and a curse. The fact that you can see EVERYTHING in microscopic detail is the best and worst thing about it.

If you’ve got a stray nostril hair  it’ll show up on camera. If you’ve got a bit of spinach stuck between your teeth, everyone will know about it. If you’ve got enough earwax to fill a candelabra, then prepare to see it streamed in glorious 4K. Also, gross.

If you don’t want that, of course, you may want to indulge in a little light grooming. Take some time to make sure everything is as it should be: no pet fur on your business suit, no nostrils full of tall grass, no visible dandruff.


Women: aim for something closer to “professional business person” than “regency-era lady of leisure”, but you’re the one who’s gonna be immortalized forever on camera, so whatever. You do you!

Men: some light powder to remove any shine might be necessary. Don’t be alarmed. We will make you look beautiful, graceful, and poised, like a geisha.